By =Lorna Anne

(If you know your Rising Sign/Ascendent, read that sign as well for further information.)

Trends: We move into the time of year when religion, philosophy and spirit are at their zenith during the holiday season. It is the domain of socially conscious Sagittarius, which rules the ability to bring spirit to earth and to give it a place in society by creating laws and rules which govern moral, ethical and religious codes of behavior for the masses. The interesting symbol for Sagittarius (whose glyph represents an archer’s arrow) is the extraordinary creature known as a Centaur. The Greek immortal, Chiron, in particular. A being consisting of the body of a horse and the upper torso of a man – physical earthly power combined with abstract principles, ideas and beliefs. Chiron taught philosophy, arts and healing to humanity. Although travel, fun, sports, athletics and adventure are all ruled by Sagittarius, on a deeper level it is the bringing forth of intellectual structures that teach a moral foundation and codes of behavior by which we must live. The fiery, mutable, active nature of Sagittarius expands into unknown territory, whether this be physical or mental journeys. Sagittarius confers maximum physical mobility and agility. The archer’s arrow naturally aims toward the future; however, this can create the dysfunctional side of this sign. Sagittarians may focus only on the future, making the ends justify the means, sometimes disregarding others’ feelings and viewpoints along the way. They ignore the individual for the sake of the conglomerate, and can become so self-absorbed in their process that they become dogmatic, opinionated, narrow-minded, and in extreme cases, fanatical. In addition, their expansionary natures, if not spiritually directed, may be focused on the carnal appetites, causing lustful, gluttonous and overextended behaviors which could result in exhaustion. They must learn to manage their expansionary tendencies and pay attention to cause and effect. Their mission is to rise above the earthly ambition and to bring Universal Truth to humanity, uniting the lower nature with spiritual, abstract codes of behavior.

It’s a learning curve for us all to embrace new concepts and different ways of thinking – different perspectives other than our own. For some, it will be time for a wake-up call. You will be liberated and enlightened, though you may not know it at the time! Analyzing situations, rather than reacting, is recommended, as energies are running high and wild, challenging us to keep from going overboard in our reactions, at least during the first half of the month. The second half is more optimistic and expansionary. During the first two weeks, the themes are certainly drive, the use of force, and ambition. Along with this Martian influence (assertion/ aggression), there are three aspects to the disruptive, unusual and enlightening planet, Uranus. Mars forms an antagonistic opposition. The Sun and Mercury (acting and thinking) make harmonious long-term growth aspects to this unruly planet that favors freedom. So being spontaneous and receiving sudden insights can bring us heightened awareness and revelation. Don’t go overboard in forcing your desires this month. With a little patience and trust, they will come around. Try a soft sell approach when dealing with others. Strive for peace when there are rumbles of war. It is favored by aspects to Neptune. You will get further than using threats and violence. In addition, most of us will be experiencing the after effects of last month’s Saturn/Neptune square. Days in which repercussions can be felt are around the 2nd, 10th, 17th, and 23rd. This refers to collective as well as personal karma from these two titans.

Week 1, use your mind to think in new and innovative ways to resolve issues. Avoid power plays, because with Pluto in the mix (Mars square Pluto on the 6th), energies could turn destructive.

In Week 2, we will attempt to preserve structure and form, but Neptune becomes active from the 11th to the 15th, and that planet likes to dissolve form and structure. Best to value going with the flow of disintegration, and trust in the bigger picture. Don’t hold on to outmoded structures, aim for new ideals.

Week 3 may bring a few surprises when we deal with changing realities. We may have difficulty in accepting breaking with the norms during this week, so we should consider protecting ourselves and making ourselves feel secure amidst upheaval.

In Week 4, things should lighten and liven up in time for Christmas. Expansionary vision and optimism return with the holiday spirit. By the 25th we should see the bigger picture of this month’s process. Do we still want what we did at the beginning of the month? Did expanded vision and brilliant insight change your mind? Have you accomplished what you set out to do? Have necessary revisions enabled you to further your progress with your goals?

Key Words: Spontaneity, Reformation, Aggression

ARIES: New mental insights will challenge your ability to rise above mundane thinking and to understand the higher universal laws at work in your world. Your ruling planet, Mars, forms opportunistic aspects to the Sun, giving you tremendous energy and drive to plow through any blocks preventing positive change. You cannot hold on to the status quo this month, even though you might try to curtail expansionary directions, it’s best to see the wisdom of “out with the old and in with the new”. Philosophical and spiritual concepts will aid you in your evolutionary path of individuation. Delve into mystical and metaphysical subjects to find the answers you’ve been seeking. Pay attention to insights about yourself. The Moon enters Aries on the 18th to help you focus on preserving your unique integrity despite forces that may try to hold you back or limit you.

TAURUS: See the value in the changes that are happening in business and intimate partnerships. Others, whose values oppose yours, are challenging your integrity and the role you have adopted for yourself in the world. Keep your power and authority if challenged in the work area by trying to find the commonality of agreement deep below the surface issues. Self transformation does not come easily to your fixed sign, especially where loyalty to others enters into the picture. Unexpected philosophical transformations may evolve you to a new understanding as to the bigger picture of what you want to give to the world. A leap of faith in the area of intimacy and sensuality enriches close partnerships. For the holidays, get personal ego gratification out of the way and use resources for the benefit of all. Above all else, let Destiny run it’s course. The Moon is in Taurus from the 20th to the 22nd, to help ground you concerning future directions. Finish work projects before the year’s end.

GEMINI: Though mentally you may be occupied with social causes, this is the month to enjoy yourself, having fun and doing recreational activities. It’s true, tasks at hand need completion, but take this opportune holiday time with friends and loved ones. Self transformation to higher states of consciousness may get a boost, especially during Week 3. You should have quite the festive holiday season and may choose to entertain guests in your home. Try not to control reality’s expansionary tendencies. It’s best to go with the flow and welcome the unexpected optimistically. The Moon enters Gemini on the 22nd, to help ground you amidst sudden changes in perspectives. Future plans and ambitions may change.

CANCER: The desire for peace and harmony (a foundation you like to stand upon), may be something that you need to put aside this month, because no matter how obliging or non-egotistical that you are, others will most likely challenge your thinking as eccentric or extreme. Remain a team player but set up boundaries to protect yourself from emotional hurt. Say what needs to be said, coming from a feeling place, but control your anger while doing it. It might make improvement in business and intimate partnerships. It’s a good time to focus on completing all the tasks left hanging. Take a leap of faith and make those improvements in your health and home environment. You’ve been working really hard. You deserve to splurge a little. At the very least, go out and have some fun with friends after finishing all those tedious details. Let the real you shine. It’s a Full Moon in Cancer on Christmas day, when your awareness of higher metaphysical law will be augmented.

LEO: There’s lots of astro activity for your sign, so let the good times role and loosen up, especially if you’ve been limiting your recreational activities. Be wary of over-indulgence or over-spending; though you might be able to come up with ways to recoup the splurges. Seek to find a spiritual bond in intimate partnerships. Trust and optimism about the future will help you cope with sudden change. Speak your truth for long-term growth is favored if you do. Work may be challenging, and thoughts of how to improve conditions, or possibly look for a new job may be in order. Search for something that you personally believe in and has social value. You have heightened energy and drive to travel to new worlds, either (physically or mentally). Break with routine and change set patterns. The Moon is in Leo two times: on the 1st and 27th. Watch an entire cycle unfold. Pivotal days are around the 7th, 14th and 20th.

VIRGO: This month Virgos may see the wisdom of a selfless holiday season. It’s easy to forgo personal expenditures, enabling you to give what others will like and appreciate. It’s time to focus on your living situation and to decide if your current residence works for you, or maybe take the plunge and find a new residence you like better. A deep, spiritual connection with others allows you to express your deepest wishes. This may require a leap of faith to feel safe having those desires, but with Jupiter still in Virgo, you should feel confident and optimistic despite uncertainties. Experiment with new forms of intimacy and investigate occult subjects. Both are highlighted. The Moon is in Virgo two times this month: a Last Quarter Moon in Virgo on the 3rd, when last month’s cycles conclude; and the Moon returns to Virgo on the 29th. Pivotal days are around the 10th, 17th, and 22nd.

LIBRA: Libras are still enjoying the extra energy from Mars in your sign. A change of direction due to a pioneering spiritual awakening may surprise even you. Breaking the mold and asserting yourself in new ways will release hostage situations, benefiting you and others, from around the 5th to the 11th. Challenging conservative forces against change may become confrontational, and you may need to take extreme measures to maintain your individuality and freedom. The betterment of the human condition requires individuals to get behind an ideal to give it momentum. Don’t be afraid to do so. Venus, your ruling planet, makes favorable aspects to Neptune (other worlds), Jupiter (abundance and expansion) and Pluto (transformation). So you can make positive changes in social and artistic endeavors, transitioning to higher levels in these areas. Value new and unusual partnerships. The Moon is in Libra early in the month on the 4th, giving you balance to cope with turbulence.

SCORPIO: Maybe you’re ready to make those big ticket purchases you’ve needed, but have put off buying. If you love it, indulge! It will make life easier and the future look brighter. When money flows out, it begins a current to pull money in. Week 3 is timely for making changes, since your ruling planet, Pluto, makes favorable aspects to Mercury and Venus. You may find this year’s holiday activities to be more of a spiritual bent, feeling the interconnectedness between yourself and the Universal love energy. There may be some special holiday surprises that will make this a most memorable year. There are some intense planetary aspects between the 5th and the 11th, so come up with new and innovative ways to deal with stress and improve your health. Focus on updating, repairing or modernizing anything that needs it, including yourself! The Moon is in Scorpio on the 7th, to help you reach a grounded foundation in a challenging world.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s your birthday month, Sag, and if you’ve liked all the extra responsibility at work, it might be because it will allow you to make long-awaited changes to your surroundings. You can expect an unusually high level of holiday activity, which may cause some tension, especially mid-month, when opting out is not a bad solution if you’d prefer to be by yourself or only with significant others. Your expansionary tendencies may not be in alignment with other people’s more conservative, critical outlooks. Go have fun and forget those who dominate and control. Be careful of going too far too fast, from around the 9th to the 15th. Opportunities for spiritual/religious awakening can occur in Week 4. Be trusting in a leap of faith into the unknown. The Moon enters Sagittarius on the 9th, and it’s a New Moon in Sag on the 11th. Plant thought wishes not only for this month’s cycle, but for the year ahead as well.

CAPRICORN: There’s a lot of intense energy during the first three weeks, setting the stage for a positive and optimistic holiday week. In the first three weeks, the best way to deal with overly assertive, aggressive energies is to pull back and protect yourself. Let karma be the driving force that teaches lessons to others. In Week 1, things may be difficult to sort out, so analyze all possible directions. There may be blocks putting plans into motion from around the 8th – 11th. There are merits to taking things slowly. In Week 3, you may receive unexpected insight, bringing about new feelings and new directions. Expand the mind through higher learning and shed the light on new spiritual growth. Add something new to your home. Discover unexplored parts of yourself. The Moon enters Capricorn on the 12th, to give you stability and restraint.

AQUARIUS: In the first two weeks, both the Sun and Mercury form long-term growth aspects with your ruling planet, Uranus, the bringer of enlightened mental states. Others may oppose your eccentric, innovative perspective, causing tension, unless compromise can be accepted on both sides. In Week 3, you may be ready to give ultimatums if unreasonableness prevails. In Week 4, Uranus turns Stationary Direct, conveying new insights and originality. See other people’s contrasting viewpoints as helping you realize and refine your own thinking. Be wary of over-spending. Check prices and record expenditures. It’s time for you to assert your philosophical and religious beliefs and teach others by way of example. Share information. Speak your truth despite opposition. The Moon enters Aquarius on the 14th, conferring an unusual, offbeat, somewhat humorous perception of situations.

PISCES: The highlight this month is on career and public image. Drive and ambition are strong for you to carve a name for yourself in your chosen profession. The lesson is to give structure and form as to the vision of the role you want to play. Network with others and tell them what you want. You should be able to get a positive reception to your ideas by the end of the month even if others oppose your innovative views at first. Weeks 1 and 3 are good times to expand your plans, even if they require some alteration to appeal to others. Don’t be afraid to contact those long shots who may be of help in your endeavors. It’s an expansionary time in Week 4 to get in touch with your spirituality and compassion for others. The Moon enters Pisces on the 16th, and it’s a First Quarter Moon in Pisces on the 18th, when unconscious fears are revealed.



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