This month begins a new system of astrological interpretation not used before in my work. I believe astrology is a predictive energy tool, among other things, and I am hoping this new system will further reflect current  patterns in your lives. Any feedback as to the effectiveness of this month’s forecast you choose to share would be much appreciated. The proof will be in the reality itself! Thank you for reading this forecast.


By =Lorna Anne

NOTE: This year’s revised format will no longer include a description of the sign of the month. For that information, please consult the Astro Forecast for the same month, but for 2015, via wiselorna@wordpress.com. The information can be found in the first paragraph of Trends.

(If you know your Rising Sign/Ascendent, please read that forecast as well for a more in-depth view.)

Trends: This whole month is a whirliwhig of contrasting and mixed energies, which might just balance each other out. The inner planets of Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars make many aspects to the outer planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. And with the trans-personal planet, Saturn, whose somber realism may help hold in place what we value most. The three outer planets are game changers when it comes to the big picture of our lives. They are not concerned with mundane thinking, but are keys that unlock doors to brilliant insight, spiritual awakening, and inner transformation. Other themes this month include most likely an edgy, strain in relationships, especially in Week 1. Radical action and extreme use of will to transform our realities and overcome fears and obstacles are highlighted. Mind and Will work well together this month. Use power wisely – there’s a lot of it available.

In Week 1 alone, two planets turn Retrograde (Mercury, who rules the mental realm and Jupiter the philosophical arena), so thoughts may turn inward as we seek solutions to weighty issues and responsibilities that may challenge patience and energy. Mercury enters Aquarius on the 1st, and Mars enters Scorpio on the 3rd. Our minds will think in new and different ways, striving for freedom from routine and seeking fresh ideas. Mars in Scorpio calls for discreet action, or possible hidden power plays and subterfuge. Be wary of tension created by mistrust of dreams and ideals, for it may cause a sudden collapse of faith and/or a radical reaction. It will be difficult to bond with others or express love around the 8th; at best, it is a good time to commit to something enduring that will require discipline and hard work. This week, mental acuity, intuition, and an unexpected call to action are all accentuated.

In Week 2, a lot can be accomplished. It is a time to adjust to new perspectives in understanding our reality from a metaphysical perspective and to see higher laws at work. Around the 14th is a great time for engaging in philosophical or metaphysical pursuits. Expansive thinking and use of willpower are highlighted, both are great energies for exciting sports events, as well as physical recreation. It’s an expansionary time, when personal confidence enables long-term growth.

Week 3 can be challenging, concerning the direction we have chosen and our ambitions. There is confusion due to a choice between decisive action or blending into a situation and relinquishing power and force. It will be difficult to take clear decisive action until after the 20th, when the Sun enters Aquarius, shifting the energies. In addition, Mercury turns Direct on the 25th, after a week of intense mental activity and process. It might be a good time to go it alone and figure out what you would like to let go of and what has value that you would like to keep, though it might be intimidating, it is appealing.

In Week 4, the energies intensify, bringing with them the possibility of heavy-handed politics, manipulation and use of force. Opposition to change may trigger excessive aggression or extreme frustration, creating a sudden shift of energy, which may actually be the catalyst to overcome fear and doubt. Make choices based upon your emotional security. Do not just react, intimidate, or say what you don’t mean. Try to find a win-win situation in any conflict. If this cannot be accomplished, then call it for what it is, let it go and begin anew. Amidst all the intensity, take the time to pursue what gives you rest, peace of mind, and pleasant dreams.

Key Words: Will, Force, Process

ARIES: Mars entering Scorpio on the 3rd will enable you to plummet the depths if your emotions to get a feel for what the terrain is like in the places you rarely shed light upon. What are your deepest desires? You may fear you need to compromise these due to challenges around the 17th. It is not a good time to take decisive action. It is best to wait until smoke clears after the 30th. Week 4 may also challenge you as you try to keep boundaries intact amidst change and upheaval. Go with the flow but keep your personal power. Do not make unnecessary sacrifices. It’s a First Quarter Moon in Aries on the 16th, when confusion may overwhelm you. Maintain your faith and ideals.

TAURUS: In Week 1, you may idealize or romanticize something to the extent that you put yourself in a vulnerable position by giving too much too fast. Be wise. Put up limits and set boundaries so that you can feel secure and have a good time in Week 2. It is best to put structures in place rather than dissolve them. The enjoyment and appreciation of art and beauty should be on your agenda sometime this month. There are opportunities for spiritual and mental growth in the use of Will if you have faith in higher laws of unconditional support. The Moon is in Taurus on the 17th to help ground you to make the right choices amidst confused energies.

GEMINI: You may be feeling full of vim and vigor in Week 1, when your ruling planet, Mercury, slides into Aquarius on the 1st. Energies intensify around the 5th, and you may find that you have even more power. Trust yourself and overcome the fear that you can’t handle it. You may be challenged to do more than you ever thought possible. Know that you are capable and can do it. You have the power. Feel good about self-transformation and the efforts you’ve made toward organization and self-discipline. If that was not the agenda last year, it is in this one. The Moon is in Gemini on the 19th, which may give you new ideas for future goals and plans. Take a Leap of Faith.

CANCER: The obstacles that block you goals are difficult to overcome if you fear you are incapable. By the end of the month you will see the benefit of expanding your thinking to realize that Destiny has a part to play in your scheme as well, for really, it’s not all up to you. It’s best not to try to manipulate or control situations strictly for your own advantage. You need to trust the unknown, especially mid-month, when obscurity may cloud the picture. The fog should lift around the 25th. Wait until then before initiating any new enterprises or any bold moves. Others may not be very supportive of your process or what you value. Be wary of buying something without knowing the price tag, so to speak. Get the details. The Moon is in Cancer on the 2st. When you can see clearly what you wish to nurture in the world.

LEO: It should be a busy month work-wise, when your efforts to make changes should pay off. Business associates should respond well to your ideas for expansion, as long as you favor slow growth with contingencies in place. Information exchange will most likely be more than usual. Be wary of sudden back-outs on deals, especially from the 5th-9th. Energies are unstable until after the 25th, and even after that you still may need perseverance to bring plans to fruition. Take any opportunities offered to you. Don’t resist unexpected change. Go with the flow. It’s a Full Moon in Leo on the 23rd when it is best to use Willpower to overcome fears that hold you back and create hostage situations.

VIRGO: Beyond the expanding vision you have of who you are, your talents and capabilities, this month you will be finding or refining your spiritual/metaphysical center. Remove excessive boundaries and limitations that you may have imposed upon and let your soul free to flow in new and creative ways. Challenge others who may attempt to make you feel guilty for doing so, or try to limit you. Give others the freedom to do the same as well. Expansion is the order of the day. Unexpected opportunities for travel (either mentally through insight, or physically), may come your way around the 7th. The Moon is in Virgo on the 25th, as Mercury turns Stationary Direct. Lots of mental excitement!

LIBRA: The month begins with a Last Quarter Moon in Libra, so the first week may see closure on projects or processes you’ve been working on. You most likely need to analyze your position in life from a philosophical/metaphysical perspective, for you may find that you are not necessarily in harmony with the world around you — which is fine. Putting time frames in place and setting standards for achieving your ideals is the best way to proceed. Even if you analyze situations endlessly, what’s important in the end, is faith and trust in the unknown. The Moon returns to Libra for the second time on the 28th, bringing with it emotional sensitivity and creative clarity. Pivotal days are around the 14th to the 21st.

SCORPIO: Build solid relationships that you can trust and enjoy, both business and intimate. You may be uncertain as to where you stand with others, even to the extent that you may fear deception, or maybe fear deceiving yourself. In any event, the positive move is to give support, commit, bond. After Mars enters Scorpio on the 3rd, and the Sun conjoins with your ruling planet, Pluto, on the 8th, you should be feeling a strong connection to your personal power. Do not look for this from others. Overcome your own blocks and free your Will. There are opportunities to do something daring to assert your individuality, to lead the way. Maintain metaphysical values rather than settling on the practical and restrictive alternatives. The Moon is in Scorpio two times this month: on the 3rd and 30th, with a Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio on the 31st, when cycles come to conclusion. Pivotal days are from the 3rd to the 14th.

SAGITTARIUS: On the 7th, your ruling planet, Jupiter, turns Stationary Retrograde, when you must seek within yourself for happiness despite outer realities. Appreciate what brings you closer to your spiritual path. Public image, work and career are highlighted. Extra work and responsibilities may challenge you, especially in the latter half of the month. You have lots of personal power and authority to handle it. Except change and go with the flow. Seek balance and harmony by maintaining your ideals. Keep your power. Do not be a victim. A career change, transforming an existing one, as well as letting go of what doesn’t work anymore, are all in order. The Moon is in Sagittarius early on the 6th, to help ground you in your inner exploration.

CAPRICORN: It’s your birthday, and Saturn, your ruling planet, is the second most active this month, along with Mercury, who turns Retrograde back into Capricorn on the 8th, so it’s a good month for planning a strategy for what you wish to dedicate your energies toward in the coming year. Where are you holding yourself back due to limited, restricted thinking? There are ways to make it all work, for every problem has a solution. Be inventive! Re-invent yourself! Be a New Leaf! You have lots of drive and ambition to begin setting up structures in the first two weeks. Don’t try to take decisive action around the 17h. Others may perceive you as a bit confused, especially about your career. Be clear on your vision and make sure you understand what will be required. In Week 4, be wary of excessive aggression, whether it is from you or from others. Value routine and discipline, unless you are overly so in that way. Then it might be best to be wary of excessive rigidity and control. The Moon is in Capricorn on the 8th, and it’s a New Moon in Capricorn on the 9th to help you get in touch with forms and structures you want to put in place and expand upon.

AQUARIUS: Karma, mysticism and Destiny all play a hand, especially at the end of the month. You’ll be happier if you put your life in order and give yourself some structure. Strive for unusual ways of obtaining money and financial security. If you’re feeling trapped in your present job, then go after your dream. The time is right. This month dedicate to figuring out how to make it happen. It may require more work, but you’ll be doing what you love. Other people’s behind-the-scene power plays and manipulations (or your own) must not be tolerated. Pay attention to the spiritual/ethical role it would be best to set as an example to others. If you normally don’t pay attention to these subjects, it’s a good year to begin. The Moon is in Aquarius on the 10th, to highlight insight, invention and genius.

PISCES: Finding the power deep within yourself will help you exert your authority and stay centered. Do what you must to nurture yourself so that you feel safe and secure. Others may not be amicable as to the direction you choose to go. They may think you are being unclear or obtuse, or simply read you wrong. Make sure they are clear as to your wants and needs. The Moon is in Pisces on the 12th, when career conflicts are possible.




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