By =Lorna Anne

(Please read your Rising Sign/Ascendent for further information)

Trends: After last month’s brilliant and insightful review of our plans for the future, the next two months will be concerned with establishing the new structures we want to put into place in our lives. It’s a dynamic month when planetary aspects become a catalyst for upheaval in order to give ourselves more freedom from oppressive conditions and things that bog us down. We may also all feel a bit rebellious this month ourselves, if attempts are made to hold us back. By the end of the month, the process for change will most likely be in place. It’s time to honor one’s inner desires, for ignoring them can produce obsessive/depressive behavior. Themes this month include: inner searching for a philosophical foundation, or an expansion of what’s already in place to help us adjust to dealing with the challenges of a Leap of Faith; growth in consciousness of universal oneness with others; accepting the new and untried; a removal, or enforcing, of boundaries and limitations; and, as mentioned, building new structures or restructuring our realities to make them more efficient and productive.

During Week 1 (1-8), it’s best to seek ways to free up any areas of life that seem stuck or not working as smoothly as desired. We may take extreme measures and simply walk away from situations, or we can stick with it and challenge ourselves or others for being too restrained and limiting or too unstructured, depending upon the reality. It is opportunistic to favor autonomy and self-actualization. It’s also a balancing act in the first week, to expand and try new ways of doing things without completely destroying what has been accomplished so far. In certain cases, it might even be beneficial to not change a thing, but maintain the status quo and envision a future where you can achieve what’s lacking in the present. These are the choices to be made in Week 1, so we must be realistic, yet experimental. The New Moon in Aquarius on the 8th is a great time to plant thought seeds of positive affirmation concerning the new processes we want to put in place.

Week 2 (9-15) brings us further along the path of optimism and expansionary thinking. Our visions are possible after all, and from the 10th to the 13th is a good time for powerful assertion to make things happen. Keep your eye on your inner vision, value it and be true to it. The First Quarter Moon on the 15th may challenge thought processes and cause uncertainty, but it is the nature of the aspect to bring up anything that may still need attention or may have been overlooked. Do not let buoyant optimism cause you to go beyond your means or ignore practical concerns. On the other hand, seek unique solutions and figure out how to apply them to your reality.

Week 3 (16-22), will feel restful after the first two weeks. Take a break from the fast pace and slow it down a bit. It is a Full Moon in Virgo, when life is never dull or boring; but particularly, this month, it should be quite inspirational and revelatory. Once again, we must seek a balance between escapism and overly sacrificing ourselves to others or to getting a job done. It’s also a good week for photography, music, and sports which all may be the perfect escape! Expect unusual social experiences around the 16th.

Week 4 (23-29) presents opportunities to make our inner visions concrete, if we have not as yet put them in place within our realities. Once again, we have a balancing act between relinquishing control and going with the flow, or consolidating, limiting and structuring. We seek amicable solutions within partnerships mid-week, but we must remember that certain situations require us to act without the aid and support of others, maintaining our personal space and private path to pursue our own desires. The Last Quarter Moon is the 1st of March, when issues which we have been dealing with all month should conclude.

Key Words: Re-birth, Balance, Rebellion

ARIES: The first two weeks are quite an expansionary time for Aries in that there’s lots of power and energy to tap into, enabling you to overcome blocks and limitations and to develop new, more enlightened paths for achieving goals and desires. In Weeks Two and Three, Destiny may play a hand which we must be willing to see as a learning experience that will bring about visionary insight concerning how we wish to walk the earth. A Leap of Faith is required in all evolutionary growth processes and we must trust ourselves to be able to handle the new reality we wish to put in place. The last two weeks call for an intimacy and sharing with others, and getting ego out of the way to merge into the oneness of all creation. The Moon is in Aries on the 11th, when expansionary tendencies run strong. It is not only fools who walk where angels dare to tread!

TAURUS: Tearing it down, letting it go, or building it up and giving it structure are the choices that Taureans must consider. You may be pushing your ideas pretty heavily in the hopes that people will listen to the vision you want to put into place in your world. Though some may call it radical, you also see how your plans could structure your reality in novel ways that would help make things easier, more streamlined, and enjoyable. Others may oppose what you value, and then the choice comes to either desist in the dream, or go it alone and take a Leap of Faith into the Ideal. There’s lots of communication highlighted so give it all you’ve got, just try not to go to extremes unless the situation calls for it. There’s nothing humiliating about walking away once you’ve done what you can. No sense trying to infuse life into something if it is ruining the quality of yours. The Moon is in Taurus on the 13th, when opportunities for expansion should be taken. And it’s a First Quarter Moon in Taurus on the 15th, when unconscious issues may surface.

GEMINI: The beginning of the month is a wrap-up to last month’s health efforts and diet changes to get you feeling even stronger in the coming year. You are learning how to discipline yourself without becoming an ogre and turning good health efforts into penance. It’s okay to rebel from any structure and form occasionally. It’s what gives us the break and the ability to stick with something long-term so we don’t quit on it. Energies shift for Geminis mid-month when intellectual pursuits foster fresh dialogue with friends and associates. Share your dreams, write your inspired vision in art and poetry. Try experimenting with new and unusual art forms. You may get a career boost this month, either through public recognition or an increase in funds. Subtle pressure and manipulation from unseen sources, whether within your unconscious or coming from others, should be brought to light. The Moon goes into Gemini on the 15th, which favors a propitious time to make decisions.

CANCER: Lessons on bonding and intimacy are on the agenda this month. How does one maintain their individuality while merging into a oneness with others? Well, it’s tricky, but it can be done. Remember to keep your “I-ness”: To think for yourself and make your own decisions. Others may try to make you into something you are not, and you must see that unnecessary self-sacrifice helps no one. Spiritual pursuits are recommended. Particularly challenging days are the 11th-15th and the 24th. Figuring out what works best for everyone is an equitable solution to conflict. In the latter half of the month, take time for play and recreation. The Moon enters Cancer on the 17th, when escaping into a dream or a celluloid world is beneficial to help you cope, if there is just too much happening too fast.

LEO: It’s a power-packed month for Leos with lots of room for expansion in the partnership arena, both business and intimate. If you seek help from others, the faith that they have in you gives you the opportunity to present a transforming vision of the best direction to take in terms of carving a name for yourself or your business in the world. The challenge may come from conservative forces that want to limit expansion and you may need to make a choice whether to agree with them or oppose them. Maybe the argument will be inside yourself, questioning whether to maintain the status quo or take a Leap of Faith. Remember that at times it is important to let the energies flow and try not to control others, yourself, or reality too tightly, especially from the 19th to the 28th. Don’t hesitate to take a new course of action never taken before if it feels right. The Moon enters Leo on the 19th to help ground you. Reality choices should be made clear. Maintain your inner faith in yourself!

VIRGO: The expansionary trend from last month continues for Virgos during the first two weeks. Your mind seeks better and more efficient ways to get things done, and trying what’s never been tried before can work to your advantage. New avenues to explore, new visions to excite the mind as to the role you want to play in your world, and career considerations are highlighted. The abundance of energy and optimism, with Jupiter in your sign, pumps up during Week 2 to give you new levels of awareness as to what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it. The last two weeks, different tactics may be advantageous. Rather than that compelling energy you’ve been exerting, it may be wise to pause and consider where it’s all going and where you wish to end up. Don”t push things so hard. At times, it’s best to go with the flow and trust the unseen, especially when life brings confusion with it. Wait for the fog to lift. The Moon is in Virgo on the 22nd, bringing with it the Full Moon; however, things may not be as clear as they usually are around this time. Wait until next month to take action if you’re feeling uncertain.

LIBRA: You may find intimate and business partnerships may be a bit strained concerning your goals and ambitions as the month begins, when either you or others may have difficulty accepting the direction that things are going due to fear of the unknown. If things become too serious, a bit of playfulness or humor may be the thing to lighten the atmosphere. Work can feel very successful, even if at times overwhelming, because your task is to make the world around you a better place, and gratification in that area of life is highlighted. Though daily life may just flow along this month, bigger questions as to long-range life goals and directions are in the forefront of consideration, for this always involves accepting that when one transforms their life, there are things that must be let go in order to get from point A to point B. Get the ego out of the way and be open-minded as to the positive new growth that change and opening to new unexplored worlds can bring. A Leap of Faith may be required of you so don’t hold on to the status quo. Before you leap, focus on where you want to land. The Moon is in Libra late in the month on the 24th, conferring heightened artistic inspiration in Week 4.

SCORPIO: Mars, the planet of energy, assertion and aggression is in your sign, so you ought to be pumped up to take on whatever goals you’ve given yourself in the coming year. You may devote a lot of time to relationships, especially during the first two weeks, when a deepening of intimacy and closeness is highlighted if everyone is willing to work through any conflicts that may have arisen over power and control. Manipulation works well with animals, but best not to try on humans. An open heart and honest emotional expression are the keys of success. The deepest part of you may simply want to merge into another being and hoist responsibilities you must shoulder onto someone else. You must remember you are still you and giving up parts of yourself for someone is not good for long-term evolutionary growth. In the latter half of the month, take time to have fun and recreation, or, if it’s been kind of a crazy month, retreat and re-group. The Moon is in Scorpio two times this month: on the 1st, to help ground you as to action you need to take, and on the 27th, when you need to make choices concerning limitation or expansion of energies. Pivotal days are the 1st-10th.

SAGITTARIUS: Career, goals, plans for the future, and what you truly value are all at the forefront this month. It’s important to your happiness to put in place what has meaning for you in your life. The opportunities are there for you to align your reality with your Destiny and trust that there are many ways to get from Point A to Point B, so over-control is not necessary. Go with the flow and realize that the new and different should be trusted, even if it wasn’t your plan. Friends and associates can be of help, especially around the 11th which is a very expansionary time of the month; after the first week, when you may have needed to deal with restrictions or opposition from others that get in the way of bringing plans to fruition. Taking time to put some energy into home improvement may seem daunting if career is occupying most of your time, but completing a project will give you a feeling of satisfaction and reward. The Moon is in Sagittarius twice this month: on the 2nd and the 29th. Pivotal days are the 1st-5th and the 9th-15th.

CAPRICORN: Though Week 1 is still fast-paced like last month, the energies start to ease up a bit in Week 2 and 3, when you actually may find time to recover and recuperate energetically. Relationship tensions from Week 1 may also ease up if you don’t take everything personally and keep the faith and maintain a playful attitude. You will probably be required to take a Leap of Faith in Week 2 in order to achieve what you value most. It is a month to get priorities in order and allow for new expansionary views rather than limiting yourself and others to play it safe. The fear of unknown outcomes may challenge your decision making process. Remember to shoot for the ideal vision and not settle for less. There’s an opportunity for a lucky career break around the 24th, when more money should come your way. The latter part of the month, especially around the 27th, should give you new ideas for home improvements that you can accomplish through creative methods rather than spending unnecessary money. The Moon is in Capricorn on the 4th, when it will help ground you to see that you can overcome restrictions and blocks with a little inventive thinking!

AQUARIUS: It’s your birthday month, Aquarius, and unexpected gifts and appreciation for who you are should make you feel proud and happy! In the first part of the month, work tensions may cause you to decide to take some time out and re-group. Are you doing what you want? Or are others calling the shots, when, in the deepest part of yourself you’re ready to open new doors and let fresh air in; others may oppose you and call for limitation and restriction. It is best to maintain your vision and ideals and not back down. You may be uncertain what others want. It is best to try to find that out from others, so you know where you stand. Unnecessary sacrifice is not the solution. There is a better way, and after the 13th, original thinking will help you find it. Then you will all be able to serve a greater ideal, rather than have personal egos get in the way. Time at home, especially during Week 2 is recommended. It is a New Moon in Aquarius on the 8th when it is a good time to plant thought seeds for achieving your vision this month and in the coming year.

PISCES: There’s lots of long-term growth for Pisceans this month and a heightened awareness of removing limitations and boundaries and reaching out to others to further intimacy and sharing the deepest part of yourself. Career considerations during Week 1 may cause tension when others may try to control or diminish your drive and ambitions. You may need to decide whether to attempt to change present conditions, or let it all go and move on to something better. There are all sorts of opportunities for Pisces out there this month. Explore and reach out and see what comes around. Don’t be afraid to take a Leap of Faith, for letting go of something makes room for something else to come in. Your desire to be of service can flow into other avenues for accomplishing this. Maintain your vision, especially around the 9th, when the Moon is in Pisces, setting the stage for a month of new developments.



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