Lorna’s Ancient Wheel Proposal


By =Lorna Anne

To propose yet another astrological system may not only surprise but dismay the astrological community due to the fact that it changes the very building blocks that this worthy science rests upon. However, be that as it may, this new system provides a more detailed and clarified picture of an individual. It tailors specifically the view of the personality within, in accurate detail of houses and aspects, much differently than traditional charts. It is also valuable and useful for forecast charts, such as Elective and Horary.

Allen Edwall, at Astrowin.org has been kind enough to put the system into a computer program in which horoscopes will be transposed to the Ancient Wheel Astrology program. See link below. First to explain how it works: the crux is in the re-ordering of the sequence of astrological signs and their house rulers. It is still a twelve house system with the same meaning for each house, and aspect angles (squares, oppositions, etc) are the same as well. But when natal planets are placed within the new wheel, a new, more clarified, picture emerges.

The order of the signs on the cusps of each of the 12 houses are as follows:

1- Aries                                                                   7- Libra

2- Sagittarius                                                          8- Pisces

3- Virgo                                                                  9-Leo

4- Cancer                                                             10-Taurus

5- Scorpio                                                            11-Capricorn

6- Gemini                                                             12-Aquarius

As you can see, some sign placements are still the same, though the pattern of ordered elements seems perfectly random. Yet, the path of the individual through life seems to make more sense this way! Why would Saturn, a planet of difficulty and limitation be put at the highest power point of the chart? Doesn’t it fit the 11th better? Society imposes form and limits. And Aquarius in the 12th? Wouldn’t “craziness” fit better here? Or the higher mind being a pathway to other worlds rather than Pisces, which would seem to make more sense in the 8th, where addictions would be more at home with obsessive/compulsive behavior. These are just a few examples of how this system seems to make more sense.

Try it on and see how it fits! It takes some getting used to, to learn new aspects, but it’s worth a look-see. Here’s the link to Lorna’s Ancient Wheel Astrology. Bear in mind, the wheel placements are correct, but the aspect lines in the center are not:


It would be much appreciated for any feedback that could be provided after trying this system for yourself. Any comments concerning your experience using this system would be much appreciated. Please send to: wiselorna@ymail.com. Thank you for your interest.

=Lorna is an astrologer, medium and spiritual counselor and has dedicated her life to the exploration of esoteric studies. =Lorna’s Ancient Wheel Astrology system was conveyed to her via her communication with guides she has worked with for the past 25+ years. This system predates all traditional systems. She lives in St. Croix, Virgin Islands and features a Monthly Astrological Forecast at two blog sites: wiselorna@wordpress.com and ancientwheelastrology@blogspot.com.


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