By =Lorna Anne

(This is a reminder that I am using a different interpretive astrological system than what is commonly used, so the following information may seem bizarre to astrologers and students of astrology alike. Once again, I say the proof is in hindsight as we review our realities at the end of the month. For an explanation of this system, please consult my blog post, “Ancient Wheel Astrology System” at And please read your Ascendent/Rising Sign for further information.)

Trends: Humor is a candle in the dark and a little humor will go a long way in assuaging the tendency to become negative and pessimistic this month due to powerful and challenging forces that are at work in the planetary universe. We will be given challenges to prove we have power within our reality to transform it to what we want. The good news is, difficult aspects contrast with very positive aspects, all happening at the same time, so the prescribed path is as follows: The lesson is for us all to learn that we have the power to transform realities into successes – that is, those realities that we don’t think can change or appear to be failures. When reality appears to be not moving or heading in a “wrong direction”, it is very important, at that exact conscious moment in time, when we mentally project what will happen in the future (yes, we all do it, not just psychics!!), that we make a choice to believe and favor a positive turnaround. It is a choice of faith in the future reality form and one’s power. It may take a huge exertion of energy due to the fact that the energy patterns are stop/go, high/low. The wave pattern indicates action on the positive days and focusing on the process to make it happen when energies are slow. Action days are the 8th, 15th, 27th and 31st. Slow moving days are the 5th, 14th, and 25th. Here are some helpful hints to navigate through the waves: 1) The power can be found by pursuing one’s vision, 2) Avoid confrontation as energies mid-month are quite erratic and unstable, 3) Remove blocks and limits in order to expand. Limitation is a weakness, 4) Go up against destructive forces that have power to limit and restrict, 5) Expand by moving into new areas of focus and exploration, 6) Protect yourself by not undervaluing what is possible. Don’t try to force issues. Go with the flow. Realize that you are part of a bigger picture and that your process is working in your favor, even if you can’t see it at the moment. The power to expand will be through innovation, unusual means, and creating more freedom in one’s life. There are lucky breakthroughs and fortunate happenings as well as hard work. On a collective level the energies may bring on a shaking up of power structures and authorities that have existed for a long time. Pivotal days for these huge energy currents are 5-9, 15, and 25-31. Also on the planetary agenda this month, to create even more contrasting energy patterns, we have a Solar and Lunar Eclipse, which quite frequently, eclipses expected realities and provides us with a new and different scenarios—like changing the wallpaper on your phone. The area of life it affects depends on where the eclipses are in the birth chart.

Week 1 (1-8) planetary aspects will most likely begin with a clear view as to what the coming month’s energies will be like, since restrictive energies are in play on the 5th and the expansionary shift occurs on the 6th, when opportunity for action prevails. The New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs on the 8th in Pisces and it is best to roll with the flow of Destiny. With Mars entering Sagittarius on the 5th, expanded vision and know-how will guide the way. Be wary of going too far, too fast on that day.

Week 2 (9-16), the 14th and 15th have a lot of powerful energy released. With the Moon in Gemini, it might be best to seek information to further your process and give you a sense of security through knowledge. Once again, the 14th may feel bogged down, but things will move more quickly after the 15th, once again by relying on enlightened and intuitive thinking and overcoming blocks and limitations that prevent exploring new avenues.

In Week 3 (17-24), both Sun and Mercury conjunct in the first critical degree of Aries. Tempers could become explosive and thinking will not be at it’s clearest. Impetuosity is the order of the day. If courage or bravery are needed, the fire is available! We also have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 23rd in Libra, so relationship issues may become more difficult due to a sudden shift in harmonious negotiations and networking. Expansion and innovation must be trusted. Once again, the Universe is teaching us all to go where we never thought we would or could, to help us find that it is the best path after all.

Week 4 (25-31), as the month ends, the energies are quixotic. It will be difficult to ascertain where things stand. This week may be the real test when it comes to trusting your future realities. It may be difficult to see the forest when you’re among the trees, so it is best to wait for the energies to shift on the 31st before making assessments. When the Moon is in Capricorn on the 31st, we will be able to see where we have eliminated the limitations and expanded to new horizons.

Key Words: Challenge, Choice, Expansion

ARIES: Honoring that you are different than anyone else will do much to ease self-deprecation and will provide an honest assessment and belief in your talents and capabilities, especially in the areas of philosophical/spiritual and psychic fields. Do not undervalue potential or have a negative view of your world, for if you do, you may miss opportunities to grow in new and unexpected ways. Expand your thinking and trust your mind’s exploration down new pathways of metaphysical understanding. Bonding and intimacy with others can deepen if one overcomes the relationship challenges that are presented around the 5th, 14th and 25th. Be willing to dissolve boundaries and try new things. Beneficial days, when exerting action and power is easiest is around the 8th, 15th and 27th. The Moon enters Aries on the 9th, when your path may lead you to hidden pleasures.

TAURUS: Changing values may alter the goals and ambitions you’d set for yourself, and you may fear that you are being unrealistic or excessive in some way. The deepest part of you is telling you to defy the norm and reveal your true self. Don’t try to keep things as they’ve always been. Relax the boundaries of perception and see there are future directions you had not thought would give you fulfillment and satisfaction, even if it is intimidating due to a Leap of Faith of which you may not feel capable. You have friends who will listen and assist, so don’t be afraid to approach them. Difficult days are around 3-6, 14-15, and 25. Beneficial days are around 7-8, 16 and 27. The Moon enters Taurus on the 11th. A good time to value simplicity and ease.

GEMINI: Communication difficulties may become prominent this month due to narrow thinking when, holding onto old structures and forms, needs to give way to the dissolution of boundaries that maintain the status quo. Joint mergers and finances may come about In one’s career, and partnering up with associates to transform existing conditions for the better is possible; however, make sure to clear up any confusion as to intentions. The first half of the month will most likely be slow moving, but the pace will pick up in the last two weeks. The 14th-15th are particularly tricky when there is a possibility of opportunities coming out of the blue that could prove advantageous if you keep a positive attitude as to what could be gained from pursing them. Be willing to expand your views and delve into mystical studies. The Moon enters Gemini on the 13th, when intelligent planning and problem solving are the focus.

CANCER: Opportunity for behind-the-scene action to favor your career endeavors will create long-term growth and success if you don’t try to over-control your reality. It might cause you to miss unexpected possibilities if you aren’t open to new and different ways of doing things. A Leap of Faith into the unknown may be required during the first two weeks. Relax rules and boundaries with all your creations and trust their capabilities. Week 3 should bring career matters to a head when you may need to stand up for yourself and your goals. Maybe you will need to take part in a competitive activity to further your objectives. This may seem foreign to you but you can’t maintain that hidden stance forever, so take power and become a part of the positive transformation of you and your world. The Moon is in Cancer on the 15th, to help stabilize and center you to reach your emotional core. Have faith in hidden developments.

LEO: In order to fulfill your Destiny, you must illuminate the unconscious fears that have held you back. Realize that fear (not caution) is a power that paralyzes at first, but can become a surfboard to action if you stop thinking and react to the situation. Or, take on the process of understanding your fears and explore the rarely exposed nature that is a part of you. Relationships can be enlivening and quite playful, like kitty cats. Let yourself go and express yourself freely. Humor goes a long way in smoothing a choppy comeback. No need to fight over who does what, or delineate and define boundaries to the nth degree. You are a part of everyone, and they of you. So band together and enjoy the deep hidden meaning of emotional connection. The Moon is in Leo on the 18th, to help ground you before the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 23rd. Sudden shifts may occur at that time.

VIRGO: Your ruling planet, Mercury, is Mr. Speedy this month as he navigates through three different signs; and Jupiter is still in Virgo, conferring pleasure and optimism in all those Virgo tasks. Just don’t take on so many, or narrowly focus on just one. Avoid burn out. A spiritual pursuit that renders service to others is beneficial. New methodologies and insightful breakthroughs are in the air concerning goals and ambitions if you allow your mind the freedom to spread its wings and let it go where it pleases—no censorship—for the lesson is the importance of imagination: to honor it, express it, and enjoy it! It is possible that unharnessed thinking may lead to brilliant insights about future directions; in other words, the big picture. What is the content of your life? How do you parcel time? Where do you need to improve your health and that of others? It’s assessment time for an overhaul if necessary. Be willing to learn from others. The Moon is in Virgo on the 20th, before the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 23rd when energies and emotions shift, and eclipses happen.

LIBRA: An assessment of self worth, personal values and what things you want to surround yourself with are all highlighted thoughts of consideration; however, bear in mind you may ignore or restrict your imagined desired creation due to practicality and rationalizations, losing focus of the dream. You may feel that clearing out and cleansing some aspect of your life is the way to go, with a fresh start in mind. Business and personal relationships may be quixotic and vague during the first two weeks, but in Week 3, the energies shift, and light from the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your sign brings clarity of focus. This should be a very illuminating month in terms of a deep philosophical belief in your own evolutionary process, if you don’t let limitations or should-pictures get in the way.

SCORPIO: Mental illumination affords an opportunity to figure out goals and future ambitions. Opportunity for brilliant insight occurs throughout the month, but most particularly around the 7th, 15th and 25th. The focus is on the home and your spiritual connection to it, and creating the environment that gives you peace and rest. Most likely you will be busy, formulating structures and agendas for completing a heavy career work load. As you progress to the fulfillment of your vision, you will be willing to work hard and do what is necessary. Do not fear you are building sand castles. Business and intimate partnerships are supportive of your endeavors. You are ready to spread your wings and take flight. By Week 3, all those planets entering fiery Aries should give you energy and impetus. The Moon enters Scorpio on the 25th, after the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, so let your visionary path begin.

SAGITTARIUS: Business and intimate partnership tensions may arise when others are undoing all that you try to hold in place. You may be attempting to maintain the status quo when transformation is the key. Letting your boundaries fall may make you feel vulnerable, but it’s part of the evolutionary process. Don’t be so concerned about how others see you. Dig deep and expose the parts of yourself you’ve kept hidden, rather than going further into the closet. Mars enters your sign on the 5th, conferring an extra boost of energy, assertion and aggression to get things done. Many of the lessons this month are to expand your value system to see the importance of being different, and to appreciate the unusual in your world. Destiny may play a hand in the latter half of the month, especially around the 23rd. The Moon is in Sagittarius two times, on the 1st and 28th. Pivotal days are: 3, 7, 25, and 31.

CAPRICORN: The focus is on career and public recognition in the first half of the month. What you have and what you would like to own enter into the picture, when you may take a Leap of Faith with a financial risk that will allow you to expand your potential. Pay attention as to how you walk the earth. Do you overly control reality or go with the flow, (especially in career matters)? The latter is the key as to how to make this month work for you. Very opportunistic days are around the 5th and 6th, (this trend should continue into Week 2), when expansion may then become difficult. In Week 3, your thinking may take a new direction, or you may have to assert yourself to find better ways to handle things that seem bogged down or aren’t working. Other “power days” are around the 15th and 25th. The Moon is in Capricorn two times this month: on the 3rd and 30th. Pivotal days are around the 7th, and the 25th-28th. Best to take no action on the 2nd and 29th.

AQUARIUS: Improvements in the home would be beneficially made, so long as you are true to what will give you happiness in that area of your life. Don’t let practicality completely stifle your vision. How do you picture the perfect living space? How can it be your retreat/safe haven in the world? The concept this month is to assert your values and ideas. Give yourself credit that you are unique, and to value being a part of something unique in your world, that you wish to expand or augment in some way. This requires less structure and letting go of unnecessary boundaries in order to achieve your goals and ambitions. Your fixed Aquarian nature needs to release rigidity. The Moon enters Aquarius on the 5th, when you will gain insight as to this month’s expansionary directions.

PISCES: Happy Birthday, Pisces! It’s a great month for fun and recreation, especially in the first half. The issue this month is power, involving anything from adventurous sports to competitive games. It is part of your transformational process to assert yourself and believe you can fulfill the vision you hold in your head. Week 3 should give you the drive and impetus to improve your health so you will be in the best shape you can be. Also, it’s a good time to think of new and better ways to improve routine tasks. Your evolutionary process is important, and intimate relationships may provide you with the opportunity to do some deep process work. The benefit will be a more enlightened and optimistic you. Others may try to limit or enforce boundaries that you know will not work, so keep your power and do not go along until you have a win-win situation. Merge into oneness with your world and connect to the soul spirit deep within. The Moon enters Pisces on the 7th, and Mercury conjoins with your ruling planet, Neptune, on the 10th, so take some time out for an enjoyable escape from routine. Be wary from the 26th to the end of the month, when communications may become confusing and choices unclear.



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