By =Lorna Anne

(This is a reminder that I am using a different interpretive astrological system than what is commonly used. Once again, I say the proof is in hindsight as we review our realities at the end of the month. For an explanation of this system, please consult my blog post, “Ancient Wheel Astrology System” @ wordpress.com or lornasancientwheelastrology@blogspot.com. And please read your Ascendent/Rising Sign for further information.)

Trends: As we begin a new astrological year in the sign of Aries, we continue to learn the lesson of taking power over our reality and further advancing our ability to transform failures into successes (Please see March Astro Forecast). If we have been trying to push an agenda that is not the best direction, due to a fear-based decision which rejected the best possible way, then things will sort themselves out in the third week, when adverse circumstances will crumble our attempts to maintain the status quo and will show us the best course to follow. We will all be feeling a bit like pioneers, in some aspect of our lives, with all the Aries energy this month, enabling us to enter and explore new territory (depending on where Aries is placed in your chart). Of course, there will be lots of opportunity in the first couple of weeks to become aware of the best possible course of action, when dynamic aspects offer opportunities for expansion and direction changes. Illuminating and liberating experiences will allow us to break free from faulty repressive structures that have been holding us back. In addition to last month’s theme of personal power, we have breakthroughs in values, finances, assets and personal security, all open to change (in the house where Venus falls), especially in Week 2. Five planets will be Retrograde by the end of the month, causing us to turn inward and assess our inner motives, drives, desires and ambitions. Also, four planets change signs this month, causing the astral energies to move our process further along. Expansionary days are 4-6, 10-19 and 27.

Week 1 (1-8) offers us opportunities to clarify our vision and to expand our realities in order to put our new direction (if necessary) into place. Give value to the adventure that goes along with the new and different and trust change. Assertion/aggression is good but don’t take on more than you can handle. Keep things simple and manageable. It’s a New Moon in Aries on the 7th, after which it is best to begin the path of a new vision.

Week 2 (9-16) may begin with unexpected but liberating upheavals and there’s plenty of mental energy available to work through any problems or difficulties by finding original and unorthodox solutions. Use pragmatism to counterbalance flights of fancy and imagination but do not ignore them. The only limit to our abilities is a lack of imagination. Assess what matters to you most and let reality do it’s thing. Do not try to control it, for it is in a state of flux. Creativity should be at it’s height this week, so take advantage of artistic pursuits.

Week 3 (17-23) The point is to trust the process and to continue to value and believe that the end result will accomplish your goal. The mind is challenged to embrace alternative scenarios and consideration should be given to these conflicting ideas. There may be a better way. An inordinate amount of impetuosity or power plays may arise. Maintain a strong stance for positive action. Expect electric social attractions and unusual events around the 22nd. Sudden, unexpected travel may occur. A spicy and dicey week!

Week 4 (24-30) The energies slow down, and rest and ease will afford us all a bit of peace and tranquility to assess our month. A bit of luxury or aesthetic pleasure is in order as a reward for rolling with the flow of change and expansion. This week should bring us increased resources and feelings of security. Consider how to handle finances and investments. Are you investing in what will bring you better prospects in the future, in alignment with your beliefs, requiring a Leap of Faith and trusting in the co-creation with Destiny? Or are you holding on too tightly to what doesn’t work? Hopefully, we’ve all made peace with the need for fulfillment, and have overcome the fear of the unknown.

Key Words: Simplicity, Resources, Personal Power

ARIES: It’s your birthday month, Aries, and it’s an expansionary month for change and bringing something new into your life. It could be as simple as a makeover, a new look, or maybe a new you. Or you may decide to venture into unknown territory in some aspect of your life that may bring public attention to yourself in some way. Ariens are feeling rebellious, especially around the 9th and 22nd, so don’t be surprised if your Aries energy is shining more strongly than usual. You have that quirky planet, Uranus, in your sign and it wants liberation from restriction, enlightened thinking, and the release from time-worn structures that no longer work. Indulge and treat yourself to something new for your birthday. It’s best to make any large-item purchases in the first two weeks. Since Mars, your ruling planet turns Stationary Retrograde on the 17th, you may not know what to do with all the energy at your command. It’s time to take on jobs that at one time you thought were too big. Most of Week 3 may feel bogged down, so seek within for solutions. It’s a New Moon in Aries on the 7th. Plant thought seeds for the month and year ahead!

TAURUS: In the first couple of weeks, socializing and having fun with friends is the order of the day. Expanding resources may enable you to afford something you’ve wanted for a long time, but make purchases before the 17th, or wait until after the 27th. In the latter half of the month, the focus is on you and how you choose to walk the earth. Sudden changes in the home can be expected, or possibly fundamental changes in the deepest part of yourself. Don’t hold back on letting go and transforming yourself. It’s an expansionary time to try new things, and you may experience a change of goals or direction mid-month. Consider a new diet plan or other ways to improve your health. The Moon enters Taurus on the 8th, to help ground you in the unexpected.

GEMINI: Shared resources or finances will give you a boost when it comes to pursuing career goals or your vision of the future. You may wish to focus on occult subjects or on your spiritual/religious values to provide insight into what matters to you in the deepest part of yourself. Creative self expression is highlighted around the 11th and in Week 4. Your mission this month is to overcome insecurity about being different from the norm, for it inhibits bonding with others. Disintegrate the barriers, dig deep within yourself and explore the many facets of your creative unleashed potential. The Moon enters Gemini on the 10th, conferring enlightened thinking.

CANCER: It would be best to take your goals and ambitions seriously and assert yourself to transform your existing reality into the future you desire. If you haven’t known what you want for your future, you may have sudden insight around the 17th. To give you a feeling of security, realize that this is a co-creation and there is always help from unseen energies. Are you afraid to put yourself out there and stand behind what you know to be right? Expansion may be difficult at this time, but conferring with co-workers and friends will help you gain the support you need to further your plans. Days 5-6 and 8-10 are particularly good times to push your agenda. Pragmatic thinking and opportunities for expansion will move your process along especially from the 15th-19th. The Moon enters into Cancer on the 13th, to help ground you amidst any confusion that may arise.

LEO: Taking a Leap of Faith is in order, especially up until Week 3. It’s also a good time for recreational activities, or doing something daring or assertive to put yourself in first place. Creative ventures or new modes of creative self-expression are highlighted. It can be a month filled with fun and entertainment if you can take the time to break away from a heavy workload. Working conditions may be a bit more tense than usual, especially during Week 3. Appreciate yourself and your abilities. Assess strengths and weaknesses and work at improving your physical well-being in some way. It’s truly a month for re-birth—crack the shell of limitation caused by negative thinking. Have fun!

VIRGO: Goals and plans for the future are the highlights this month, with some unexpected synchronicity happening in that arena—such as being in the right place at the right time. Get loose ends tied up early as you may want to be spending some extra time with friends and deepening the bonds in intimate partnerships. Self-transformation to a better, healthier you can be achieved through improving your diet. You may become aware of unconscious habit patterns or passive/aggressive behavior due to fear of confrontation. Time to overcome those negative habits and have some faith in your personal power. The Moon enters Virgo on the 16th, when financial opportunities are possible.

LIBRA: With the Sun, Mercury and Uranus all activating the area in your chart of business and intimate partnerships, you may need to deal with tension from assertive/ aggressive behavior. Stand up for what is right, what you value, and what means a lot to you. Not easy for a Libra, but Aries is calling upon you to be a warrior. Bringing new activities into your home, or making home improvements is favored, but best to begin things before Week 3. Opportunities for action are primarily in Week 1 and 2. Weeks 3 and 4, indulge in artistic pursuits or social pleasures. Turning inward to find new artistic paths is recommended. Unusual relationships may be beneficial around the 16th-19th. Expanded vision concerning your evolutionary process will enable you to remove self-imposed barriers and limitations from your path. The Moon enters Libra on the 19th, when there are opportunities to take a Leap of Faith and follow unusual attractions.

SCORPIO: This month’s agenda is to both change and expand your vision, your interests, and your spiritual leanings, which will most likely have an effect upon two areas of life: business and intimate partnerships, and goals and plans for the future. You may find that it is necessary to use alternative means to achieve desired outcomes; but, if that is the case, accept it as the best possible way to go. Your process is to teach you to have faith in a greater power that is co-creating your vision with you. If it’s not apparent now, it will be in hindsight. You may be challenged by worry that others may not accept your path. Try to address the concerns of others with compromise. Travel opportunities may also present themselves, whether physically or mentally finding new places inside yourself that bring you joy. Great days for evolutionary progress are around the 6th, 1oth, 15th-20th, and the 27th. Your ruling planet, Pluto, turns Stationary Retrograde on the 18th – a great time to do a little soul searching. Be wary of power plays around that time. The Moon enters Scorpio on the 21st, helping to ground you in the midst of sudden attractions or surprises!

SAGITTARIUS: The focus is on how you walk the earth. It is certainly time to broaden your horizons and interests, especially from the 15th on. Destined opportunities may be at play when it comes to career and physical assets. What you do with what you are given is up for consideration. Do you see it as fortuitous or challenging? Are you intimidated by what others will think if you change in ways that you may fear are unacceptable? This month, prioritize values and control your energy flow to avoid over-doing it. Around the 17th and 18th, take an inward journey and seek answers to problematic situations. Progress can be made at this time. Other opportunistic days are around the 16th-19th and the 27th. The Moon is in Sagittarius from the 24th-26th, when differing values may challenge your thinking.

CAPRICORN: Communication is of the essence as you gain a more enlightened concept of your deepest desires. Speak up and speak your truth. A Leap of Faith is required if you want to actualize your potential; for expansionary opportunities are all around you. Realize that you must be willing to change and let go of preconceived notions about yourself. Get a clear picture as to who you are now rather than who you used to be. Relinquish control and follow Destiny’s lead. It is always the best plan and not a good idea to fight it. Lots of opportunity for success in your endeavors comes around the 15th-20th, if you express what it is you’ve been afraid to communicate. The Moon enters Capricorn on the 26th, to help ground you as financial challenges may arise. Value a simple and easy solution to dilemmas.

AQUARIUS: The focus is on breaking untrodden ground and using your strong intellect to seek innovative ways to bring goals and ambitions to fruition. It may be time to make some long-awaited purchases, and if that is the case, take action during the first two weeks. The last two weeks are more for internal soul-searching to uncover blocks and impediments within yourself that have prevented you from expanding. Maybe the expansion is within your home arena. Your ruling planet, Uranus is very active, so you should feel quite good about the unexpected surprises in store for you. Money and finances may be a bit unstable (especially if you spent lots), but you will figure out how to make it all work. It is a good time to investigate career change options. The Moon enters Aquarius two times this month: the 1st and 29th. You can watch an entire Lunar Cycle unfold. Pivotal days are the 9th-11th and the 14th-18th.

PISCES: The work load for Pisceans in the first half of the month may be a lot, but there are opportunities to be derived from it, if you’re willing to do the work. Be positive about transforming your world to make it a better place. See that the changes happening inside you are also for evolutionary self-improvement. Consider your health and do what needs to be done. Alternative methods may be more effective than prescribed means. There are sudden opportunities for transformation within the home as well. Business and intimate partnerships may resist your desire for change, but do not sacrifice yourself or your vision. Now, more than ever, is the right time for change. Do not be daunted by conservative thinking. The Moon enters Pisces on the 4th to help ground you to take on expansionary opportunities at work.



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