“What Makes The Future Happen” By =Lorna Anne

“What Makes The Future Happen”

By =Lorna Anne

Life is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you are going to get (paraphrased from the movie, “Forrest Gump”. That is, succinctly, what our modern culture believes about the future. However, in ancient cultures, when men, such as kings, were considered gods endowed with supernatural powers, this concept of an unknown future would have made no sense to them. Ancient knowledge taught that if you put forth positive feelings about the future, and don’t question whether those feelings are reality-based or delusional, then it will happen. They understood the Law of Cause and Effect, that like attracts like.

Many times we have positive “can-do” feelings about our reality, and then time erodes that positiveness, and we doubt our abilities, or in the Destiny itself. Modern perspective views Destiny as a shovel that dumps unforseen stuff on us and makes us unsure victims. Yes, reality does bring unforseen events, but they must be trusted as an integral part of our process to enable us to reach our best futures.

Ancient cultures made themselves feel secure by offering tributes to the powers-that-be whicfh ensured safe success for their needs and wants. Today, many have lost the connection to a co-creative greater power. Even if that is the case, trust that if you keep the positive feelintg safe from fear, the future you want will be created.

The only caveat: If the future you choose is made out of a fear-based decision, then it will not happen, and another more suitable directtion will present itself. Trust it. It’s easy to know what’s in a box of chocolates – look at the map.



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