MAY ASTRO FORECAST 2016 By =Lorna Anne


By =Lorna Anne

(This is a reminder that I am using a different interpretive astrological system than what is commonly used. Once again, I say the proof is in hindsight as we review our realities at the end of the month. For an explanation of this system, please consult my blog post, “Ancient Wheel Astrology System” @ or And please read your Ascendent/Rising Sign for further information.)

Trends: It’s May…Touch and feel your world, and all its sensuous pleasure and beauty! May is a very sweet and copacetic month featuring opportunities for inner transformation and long-term growth in the area in which we put our energies or place value upon. Patterns put in place now will be far-reaching, but we must all realize that change starts on the inside first. With only two planets changing direction to a forward path, three more are still Retrograde (two of which govern power and action), making the fruition of our efforts in certain aspects of our lives slow in coming. When in limbo, do the limbo rock: This month it is best to get a clear idea of values and priorities that need to be honored. Socializing, networking, and negotiating figure prominently in helping us to assess our values and accomplish our goals. Enjoy the process you are in, rather than being anxious for the end result. There may be a few unexpected, but hopefully refreshing, breaks in routine and/or experiences of liberation, around the 12th-17th. Otherwise, progress can be accomplished by giving form, organization and structure to our thinking concerning the actions we wish to take.

Eris, is an asteroid that seems to stimulate aggression and violence. In June, the planet, Uranus, which rules brilliant insight, upheaval and liberation, will conjoin in the same degree with Eris for most of the month. Although May has so many pleasant and enjoyable aspects, it will be interesting to observe if any covert violence is brewing in the collective world karma.

And lastly, the themes of whether to put form and structure in place or whether to go spontaneous and free-form needs to be given consideration. Where does the idea of trust and acceptance get negated by fear, anxiety and limitation? When do we need to let go and let life do its thing, where should we strive to maintain control? Realities we think are secure may fade away but it is for the best. Trust the new ones that will replace them. Remember we are all connected and part of a bigger plan. There is a tendency toward over-work, so don’t push yourself so hard that you cause harm to yourself. During this month, the answers will come. And the final theme: we all are learning is to find the balance between practical thinking and the unconscious mind/imagination. We may need to teach ourselves to become more practical and consciously focused to avoid screw-ups; or in reverse, to give the unconscious the liberty to express itself at appropriate times.

Week 1 (1-8), allows opportunities concerning the themes of balance mentioned above. Stay in touch with the spiritual life force and see it reflected in even the practical mundane concerns of daily life. Social engagements will most likely be harmonious and in accord.

Week 2 (9-16) favors expanding our routines, and our thinking in general. Especially around the 9th, going with the flow is recommended. Information may come to us that fundamentally changes us on the inside in some way. There are opportunities to dissolve blocks and believe that what we value can be created if we keep faith in the ideal. Around the 12th, we may be challenged to relinquish our normal roles, allow ourselves to be different, and to not judge unusual circumstances as being negative.

Week 3 (17-24), Mercury turns Stationary Direct, and the Sun and Venus enter Gemini. Information sharing, mental stimulation of all kinds, and polite but assertive communication are all highlighted. It is a week for learning and teaching, when thinking becomes clear, especially between the 18th and 25th. Around the 17th, unusual social situations may challenge us to maintain our individuality and go against the group norm, which will help further our evolutionary process.

Week 4 (25-31) only has a few planetary aspects, so it will most likely be a reflective week in which we can assess the changes that have occurred within ourselves. The Moon enters Aries on the 30th, when a new chapter will begin.

Key Words: Structure, Flow, Inner Growth

ARIES: Use the power and authority available to you this month to accomplish goals and ambitions. You may be challenged to do things differently than the norm, but if that is so, play it safe and don’t take any unnecessary risks. Accessing resources or finding what you are looking for may be difficult; however, people will listen to what you have to say, and will want to be supportive of your goals and help you achieve them. If you are uncertain as to your best direction, find answers by staying true to your own value system, and make sure that it aligns itself with what you consider to be your ideal. The Moon enters Aries two times this month – the 3rd and 30th. Pivotal days are the New Moon on the 6th, and 9th – 10th, 16th – 18th and the 30th.

TAURUS: It’s your birthday month, Taurus, but with Mercury Retrograde in your sign, it is best to focus inwardly, on yourself. Rather than having a critical eye, pay tribute to yourself. What are your talents? Have you been undervaluing what you are capable of achieving? Are plans for the future obscure because of this? Venus, your ruling planet, makes a favorable aspect to Mars (the planet of action and assertion) most of the month, but it may be difficult to get things moving because Mars is still in Retrograde motion. Therefor it’s a good time for planning and development of strategies. Being exposed to new ways of thinking and different cultures may be helpful. Upset in the home, or in your emotional security (around the 12th and the 17th) is most likely, but by the end of Week 3, long-term growth and positive resolution in these matters is possible. The New Moon in Taurus is on the 6th. Plant thought seeds for this month’s Lunar Cycle and for the year ahead.

GEMINI: Take some time for pleasure and recreation, if it can be done. A retreat from the world for a few days could provide you with some enjoyable rest and relaxation. Classes or exploring foreign cultures and philosophies are highlighted as a source for mental stimulation. You may try to maintain the status quo if you are challenged to take an unusual Leap of Faith; but risk and chance are in order under certain circumstances. Use your head and don’t act on sheer impulse, especially around the 12th and 17th. Mercury, your ruling planet, turns Stationary Direct on the 22nd, releasing repressed thinking/communication…A good time to be involved in creative/metaphysical pursuits. The Moon enters Gemini on the 7th, to confer inspired and expanded thinking.

CANCER: Intimate and business relationships are highlighted, so network and develop a strategy as to how to bring about the future that you want. Try not to push your agenda too intensely or you can alienate others. Coming up with innovative solutions may release conservative thinking, but be sure you can back your ideas with concrete facts. Much can be accomplished using the art of subtlety. Temperance, when it comes to dabbling in sensuous pleasure or luxury is recommended to prevent excessive behavior which could create tension. The Moon enters Cancer on the 9th, conferring illumination and mental clarity. Around the 4th and around the 16th there may be conflict to resolve.

LEO: Concerns this month center around finances and resources. It is best to not spend money on large purchases until after the 22nd when Mercury turns Direct. Instead, planning and strategy for the best use of resources is recommended. Others’ views may be grandiose to your way of thinking, so being the conservative voice favoring slow expansion will minimize unnecessary risks. There’s a little bit of magic for Leos in the financial arena, especially during Week 1, when material resources may improve. Being flexible if Destiny presents you with unexpected realities, will help you realize the best direction to pursue. At the end of the month, there most likely will be recognition by others of your talents and hard work. The Moon enters Leo on the 11th, when improving health and vitality is in order.

VIRGO: Virgos may have experiences with the hidden and mysterious this month, when other reality dimensions and supernatural vibes could alter your perspectives and perceptions of your world. Joint resources or money from out of the blue may help you further goals and ambitions. Sudden impetuous action should be held in check, since making things happen or forcing agendas is highly unlikely to lead to success. Your ruling planet, Mercury, is Stationary Retrograde until the 22nd, so avoid “big buys” until after it turns Direct. Week 2 and 3 are socially harmonious, although the most fun and recreation may come from spending some quality alone-time with a significant other. Deepening the soul connection to your world will provide you with the feeling of interconnectedness with all creation. Contemplation and getting in touch with loving yourself will free you from negative, irrational fear. The Moon enters Virgo on the 14th to help ground you amidst mental over-stimulation.

LIBRA: There’s a lot going on in the deepest part of yourself, where you are able to get in touch with your motivations, fears and foundations. This illumination may be stimulated by friends and intimate partnerships, to help bring your deepest dreams and desires to consciousness more than usual. Social activity in the home arena is more than likely. Finances may be uncertain, but do not become negative, as financial situations will most likely improve next month. Spiritual and philosophical meditation will help you define values and provide you with faith and belief in your evolutionary process towards actualizing what you want to bring into the world. Unusual circumstances around the 17th may unlock hidden parts of yourself that you have not acknowledged in the past. The Moon enters Libra on the 16th, to help you reach a place of emotional security and balance.

SCORPIO: “The harder you work, the luckier you get” is an apt thought for Scorpios this month. Far-reaching goals and plans may not make a lot of progress, since Pluto, your ruling planet, and Mars, co-ruler of Scorpio are still both Retrograde. You will have the power to improve your health to give you more energy and help you gather strength for any major undertakings. Although it is a pleasant month, aspect-wise, the majority of planets fall into your Sixth House of work and setting things in order, so it will probably be busy. Planning what to do with added resources is a good idea. Your method for learning new things this month will most likely occur as flashes of inspiration, illumination and “knowing”. Don’t ignore this, for it is the higher mind speaking to help you clear away the mundane and negative thinking. The latter half of the month may provide fresh ideas to give you new perspectives. The Moon enters Scorpio on the 19th, to help you see through any superficiality.

SAGITTARIUS: You may decide its time to take a few life courses to improve your skills and knowledge. You may not feel like doing too much work this month, and it is recommended that you take it easy and exercise the mind more than the muscle. Unexpected insight into the workings of your unconscious may reveal a deeper vision of your motivations and a better understanding of where blocks and fears lie below the surface and hold you back. Material resources/finances may change unexpectedly. Make sure that you are clear with friends and associates concerning your values and your vision. The ideal, no matter how far-reaching, has promise. Making the abstract more concrete is a way of using your power to manifest the reality you want. Provide a picture for others to see your path so they can support your endeavors. After the 24th, others may agree with your expansionary perspective. The Moon enters Sagittarius on the 21st, when illumination and clear-thinking are highlighted.

CAPRICORN: The first few weeks are filled with behind-the-scene activity to cultivate inner strength. Ground yourself using discipline and structure. It will enable you to keep your power when you may feel your reality is shifting in uncertain ways in terms of how situations will end up. However, do not attempt to control the reality itself – just you. Unseen forces are at play to move your Destiny in the direction that will transform you to accept and feel comfortable with Leaps of Faith. Be optimistic as to your success. By the end of Week 3, the unknown and obscure should become clear. The Moon enters Capricorn on the 24th, to help ground you amidst shifting energies.

AQUARIUS: What role you play in society and what your contributions are to your community will all come into play this month. Networking with others is best but hold off on impetuous action until after the 22nd, when energies shift and values and goals become harmonious. Rebellion against conservative forces is most likely around the 12th and 17th. In the latter part of the month, there is opportunity to find common ground amongst differing perspectives. The Moon enters Aquarius on the 26th, when illumination and heightened intuition will light your path.

PISCES: Pisceans will have a mentally stimulating month, when speaking simply and plainly concerning your values and ideals is recommended. Friends and associates may try to limit or become negative concerning your expansionary vision, but by Week 3 perspectives will most likely shift and others may become more willing to come up with ways to make your vision concrete and possible. The end of the month features new perspectives as you work on goals for the future. Dissolve boundaries and opposition and realize that everyone is on the same side. The Moon enters Pisces two times this month: on the 1st and 28th. Pivotal days are from the 19th – 26th.



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