By =Lorna Anne

We begin the month of June with a lot of Piscean energy, and it will endure throughout the month due to Neptune’s (ruler of Pisces) slow-moving dance with Saturn. We met this pair back in November 2015 (see Nov Astro Forecast 2015), but now the interaction of these two planets has shifted. Rather than a choice of either/or, negating one for the other, we must honor both and find the balancing act. We must make a win/win situation in all our choices, using compromise and resolving the paradox. In May (see May Astro Forecast 2016) this process began, but the exact aspect happens this month on the 17th. These outer planets reflect both personal and collective consciousness.

There is a strong religious/ethical/philosophical influence that will tend to put protocol before feelings. For example, we could have “should pictures” about what is the right way to feel about something. We may try to ignore or limit the emotional impulse to fit an ideology that has lofty ideas, but ignores the heart and the emotional voice.

Other themes at play with these two planets are: 1) Setting boundaries or removing them;2) Controlling reality or going with its flow; 3) Practicality/realism or the dream/fantasy; 4) Separation/isolation or disintegration/integration; 5) Release from limiting structures or imposing structures on chaos; 6) Depression and negativity or seeing yourself as a part of something bigger/a greater cause; 7) The hero (willing sacrifice) or making unwilling sacrifices. Integrating these seeming opposites is the key here, finding the center of the paradox and honoring both. These planetary energies will help us to confront our fears, limitations and feelings of inadequacy. We can learn to be more open to embracing a larger picture of flowing with Destiny, honoring our ethical values and accepting our emotions unconditionally.

There are more planetary energies at play, of course, than just Saturn and Neptune. Jupiter and Pluto are in very favorable aspect with each other conferring an augmenting and expansion of power, which probably also began to show signs last month. Change should be large in scale with far-reaching implications into the future. We may change our philosophical, religious or life views. We will have experiences that will change us or our lives greatly. Powerful energy can be released from the 5th-15th, and the 23rd-27th. Be wary of being carried away to the extreme. Conflicting aspects to Jupiter, from inner planets traveling through Gemini, may make us question our expansionary tendencies. Though we see the need to transform situations, going beyond the comfort zone is not a good idea. These same inner planets are making harmonious aspects to Saturn, counterbalancing over-expansion, and suggesting that slow but sure is the safest way.

In Week 1 (1-8), inspiration may guide us in laying the foundations for change, investing resources in what is considered to be important, and receiving insight as to proper use of power.

Week 2 (9-16) may refresh us with unusual perspectives or new ways of thinking. Neptune turns Retrograde, accentuating its power, causing daydreaming, visions of the ideal and sleepiness, however the 13th and 14th may wake us up with a bit of excitement!

Week 3 (17-23) culminates the Saturn/Neptune opposition on the 17th when the aforementioned themes should be quite apparent. In addition, both Sun and Venus enter Cancer, giving us the opportunity to value a little nature/nurture for ourselves and others. Impulsive action around the 18th could be the best thing that could happen. The Full Moon should inspire expansive and illuminating thoughts.

Week 4 (24-30) is when energy is powerful and ready to be released, especially from the 26th on. Mercury, too, enters Cancer on the 29th and Mars finally turns Stationary Direct on the 29th. We should all feel a release of energy and a desire to nurture and care for ourselves and others.

Key Words: Vision, Foundation, Transformation

ARIES: Getting the facts straight, or digging deep to figure out solutions in areas of life that are uncertain will help you progress on your path. However, how you get from Point A to Point B might hold a few surprises. Thinking about ways to improve yourself or your existence may tie into a more immediate focus of concentration. For instance, improving health and well-being could enable you to achieve a long-range dream of playing an athletic activity or staying younger longer. Preparedness and being certain of your direction is the key here. The Moon is in Aries two times: on the 1st and then again from the 27th to the 29th. Pivotal days are 2, 5-8, 12-14, 27-30.

TAURUS: Taureans may be indecisive about how to achieve goals and plans for the future. A Leap of Faith to make a big change is in order, and using resources to make a dream happen also has its merits; however, this month is still part of the preliminary stage of planning, waiting for the puzzle pieces to fit together. Probably after the 26th you will feel more optimistic and sure about sweeping changes. Wait until next month for action. The Moon enters Taurus two times this month: the 1st and 29th. Pivotal days are 5-7, 12-15, 27-30.

GEMINI: It’s your birthday month, Gemini, and you may be feeling quite optimistic about your power, authority and social status, especially if you are trying to influence others; though the slow and tried method for your expansive ideas is the way to go. Exploring deeper realms of intimacy may intrigue you, but how others perceive you may intimidate you. Maintain secure boundaries and express your feelings unconditionally. Ask questions if you are confused about what possibilities hold. Do not accept things at face value. In addition to all the celebrating, it is about increased understanding of yourself, your dreams, and feelings of self worth. It’s a New Moon in Gemini on the 4th. Be flexible and listen to new ideas and viewpoints. Try to dig beneath cultural bias and communicate spiritual ideals and help others see the light.

CANCER: Opportunities abound for you this month. New perspectives may give you expansionary new directions, especially during the first half of the month. In the latter half, both Sun and Venus enter your sign, engendering the warm and fuzzy feelings of caring and nurturing. Spiritual subjects may be a focus due to so many opportunistic aspects to Neptune. Seeing yourself as part of a the bigger picture will help ground you and give you strength. Use your power and authority to clear up any confusing relationship issues. Bring it to conscious light by saying what you know you’ve needed to say. The Sun enters Cancer on the 5th, right after the New Moon on the 4th, so it’s a good time to sort through the mental stimuli and get in touch with your feeling center.

LEO: Thoughts and energies during the first three weeks will most likely focus on power, authority, social standing and career. Be careful of promising more than you can deliver, or, holding back when giving would be beneficial. You must decide how to use your power wisely. Breaking routine and trying something new and different may help release blocks and limitations, especially around the 6th-14th. The latter half of the month affords increased intimacy with friends and loved ones. But around the 22nd, be wary of excessive behavior by yourself or others. Be honest and open and share your dreams and ideals. The Moon enters Leo on the 8th, when there are opportunities for new insights and ways of thinking. You may see a needed Leap of Faith before you in the future.

VIRGO: The concentration of energy resides in the home arena. There may be a lot of extra activity going on. You may consider changing your residence due to unexpected opportunities for that to happen. Developing a vision path for future goals and ideals is also highlighted, especially around the 18th. If you get the notion, don’t let fear get in the way of impulsive action. Weeks 3 and 4 will provide you with the inspiration to tackle next month’s high energy. Pay attention to what matters most. Give it value and don’t neglect it. The Moon enters Virgo on the 10th, and you may experience on the 12th the closure of an issue you’ve been focused upon.

LIBRA: You may really want to retreat from the world this month and focus on inspirational, artistic vision. It is important to maintain form and structure, but it is best, too, to relinquish that control and to see where things go, letting your spirit speak. At the end of the month you may exert your power and authority by standing up for your feelings and your needs when they may be contrary to the structured plan. Friends and associates may have some unusual ideas concerning future directions that may challenge you to have increased faith and trust in the bigger picture. Inspirational days are around the 1st, 2nd, 20th, and 27th. The Moon enters Libra on the 12th, heightening awareness.

SCORPIO: The most energetic area this month concerns finances, physical resources and investments. You may be able to add something to your home that could be a dream come true. Especially in Week 1, you may be able to find long-term growth and increased profit in your career sector, though it may cause tension, trying to balance career and home life. Mars finally turns Stationary Direct in your sign on the 29th, when increased energy and action can be released. The Moon enters Scorpio on the 15th, when intimate partnership issues are highlighted.

SAGITTARIUS: You may be in a somber mood, feeling limited and uncertain. A Leap of Faith may just break up the monotony and reinstate feelings of power and authority, especially around the 6th-14th. Seeing that you are part of a bigger picture and that your contributions in life are important may help overcome insecurity. Friendships or intimate relationships may seem vague or hard to read. Communication should be enlivened in the latter half of the month, so stay in touch with your feelings and express them to others. Take some time for recreation and sports activities, if you are so inclined; or focus on artistic pursuits which could be quite rewarding. The Moon enters Sag on the 17th, when illumination should lighten your load.

CAPRICORN: The focus of attention is on shared resources and emotional intimacy with others. You may feel that others are influencing you in unexpected ways, and you may need to decide whether these changes are coming from the deepest part of yourself, or if you are trying to fit in and please others. Keeping an inner structure and foundation without becoming rigid or jaded is the balancing act with losing your individuality and authority. This is most strongly reflected during Week 3. The Moon enters Capricorn on the 20th, when you may feel that a somewhat risky Leap of Faith would bring desired outcomes. Wait until next month to take action.

AQUARIUS: Obscure or uncertain communication with friends and associates might be where you need to delve more deeply to determine what’s really being said. Contrary viewpoints may challenge the vision and belief you have in yourself. Expansion in the home may be necessary to bring plans to fruition. If reality takes unexpected turns, realize that it is to make you a stronger individual. Networking with friends and associates may give you the solutions you need. Once again, define and delineate to make things clear. In the latter part of the month take some time for a friendly get together and recreational sports. Relationship issues will most likely arise in Week 1, and will be given clarity around the 22nd when the Moon enters Aquarius.

PISCES: Goals, plans and ambitions are highlighted this month, with new directions to transform you on a deep fundamental level. With your ruling planet, Neptune, opposing Saturn, you may be experiencing relationship issues in which you are trying to make others tow the line, and they may want to be everywhere but on that line. It is best to strive for a win/win situation and ease up a bit on limiting structures. Don’t let insecurity and lack of self worth get to you if you don’t achieve your plans. Energies shift in the latter half of the month. Care for and nurture yourself. Unexpected work situations may arise and cause you to re-think your career and/or job. Opportunistic days are around the 1st, 2nd, 13th, and 20th. The Moon enters Pisces on the 24th, to help ground you in the unforeseen.



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