By =Lorna Anne

Trends: It is a month for bringing to conclusion issues that we have been working on which began as early as last Spring. That time worn pair, Saturn and Neptune, make their final oppositional pass, exact September 10th. All of the themes listed in June Astro Forecast are still with us, but after the 10th, there will be a shift to a denouement.
The Sun, Venus and Pluto are all very active conferring lots of energy for work projects, artistic expression, and internal issues concerning power, sex and transformation. Pluto turns Stationary Direct on the 26th, so the above themes may become more apparent and/or resolve themselves then. Mercury turns Direct as well on the 22nd, releasing stagnant energies and withheld communications. Mars enters Capricorn on the 27th where it is exalted, so there’s lots of drive and ambition coming our way. Jupiter’s expansionary nature sojourns into Libra, which may bring about a lot of artistic and social occasions, such as big parties, group functions and new friendships. It most likely will be a month that enhances personal inner transformation, appreciation of artistic beauty and new relationships.
Week 1: (1-8) Mercury and Jupiter conjoin in Virgo so we can expect intelligent organized thinking and lots of it. We may be concerned about philosophical or ethical issues. It is best to remember that unnecessary sacrifice in order to maintain the status quo would be a mistake when the use of willpower to bring about change is favored by the aspects. The 2nd may involve power struggles. Seek dialogue to find solutions. It’s a New Moon in Virgo on the 1st, when practical considerations will most likely take precedence..
Week 2: (9-6) We will most likely gain enlightenment concerning those long-term issues, and we should be feeling the calm that can come with understanding, for it will bring with it harmony, balance and good times. The Saturn/Neptune opposition is on the 10th, but it is balanced with very optimistic aspects so it most likely will be a week in which we feel relief and awakening from the closure of some matter. The 12th-14th is very harmonious. The 15th may bring some unusual excitement.
Week 3: (17-23) This will be a refreshing week for it brings with it long-term change, if we are willing to accept the unexpected and unusual. Valuing the removal of something from our lives, or taking more power and control to bring about our intentions, especially from the 20th-23rd, will most likely be rewarded as long as we stay centered and trusting.
Week 4: (24-30) Artistic, cultural and social opportunities are highlighted this week. Artistic endeavors are favored, and there is much opportunity for advancement in aesthetic appreciation within some area of our lives, depending on where it falls in the natal chart. It is a week to create beauty, harmony and memories of good times!

ARIES: A desire for freedom and independence may occupy your thinking this month. Upholding your individuality and defending your unusual path may meet with opposition from those you care about. Your personal transformation comes about from overcoming the fear of the unknown when making a Leap of Faith, and others are not as courageous as you. Disentanglement from things that have held you back will create unexpected opportunities that will provide you with solutions. Break free from the status quo. Material resources may seem limited at the beginning of the month, but by the end you will most likely have come up with ways to increase them. A new relationship may begin when the Moon enters Aries on the 17th.

TAURUS: You may be feeling like a bit of a rebel this month, but how you handle those impulses could be important to your public image and your use of power and authority. Remember to accommodate others and mediate solutions, but without compromising your principles or your emotional security. Your thoughts would be most in alignment with planetary karma if you focused on improving your health in some way. Week 3 is favored for beginning any such program. It will give you the willpower to sustain your positive self transformation. Lack of clarity concerning future directions should lift in the latter half of the month. The Moon enters Taurus on the 19th to help ground you in carrying out your self-development.

GEMINI: Opportunities for combining your resources with others may give you more power to make your ideal vision a reality. Finances will most likely improve in the latter half of the month. Make no large purchases until after Mercury turns Direct on the 22nd. Besides, you may change your mind and new and novel alternatives may captivate your interests. Mercury is in your 10th House of career and self image so you may receive recognition for work efforts. Incorporate necessary changes you see need to happen on the work front. Be clear in all communications because relationships tend to turn murky when things are left unsaid. The Moon enters Gemini on the 21st to help ground your over-active mind.

CANCER: The fear of being different from “the herd” may be an underlying theme this month. Planning future goals is fine but it is best to take no action until after the 22nd. Opportunity to feel your interconnectedness with the deeper human soul is the lesson. Celebrate diversity and realize we are all one. We all have a contribution to humanity, and what that is for you, you need to decipher this month. Let Destiny guide your course if it should play its hand and trust where it leads. At the end of the month, finances and resources should improve and intimacy issues may come to light. The Moon enters Cancer on the 23rd to help center you in your relationships.

LEO: Business and intimate partnerships may provide you with an opportunity to further your plans and ambitions as long as you can accept an unusual Leap of Faith to get things moving. Lessons in refraining from being overly aggressive, along with adopting a little humility may arise. You may not be willing to negotiate but it would be best to hear what others have to say as it may lend insight. Health issues that may have been prominent over the last several month may finally reach their denouement. The Moon enters Leo on the 25th. Enjoy yourself and do something fun.

VIRGO: It’s your birthday! Fun and recreation are on the agenda for you this month after having put the work time in last month. Take the opportunity to enjoy mentally stimulating friends who may have some off-beat quirky ideas that may intrigue you and send your mind racing in new directions. Jupiter leaves Virgo this month, entering Libra, so you ought to be able to re-group from the expansionary changes you have brought about. You may be unclear as to future work goals and it might be best to wait until after the 10th before making decisions. With Mercury, your ruling planet, turning Direct on the 22nd, it is best to wait until after that before taking any action. The Moon is in Virgo two times this month: a New Moon on the 1st, when it is beneficial to plant wish seeds for the coming month and year ahead; and enters again on the 27th. Pivotal days are around 12-13, 21-22, and 25-26.

LIBRA: Jupiter enters Libra on the 9th for a lengthy stay of about a year. The effects of Jupiter’s influence are expansionary, conferring optimism, confidence, spiritual/philosophical inspiration and philanthropy. On the downside, it can lead to excess and too much self-indulgence. You should get a good idea of Jupiter’s Libran energy on hte 26th, when the Sun conjoins it and Venus aspects it. Even though Saturn/Neptune in your financial Houses can be somewhat uncertain and limiting, after their exact pass on the 10th, any stagnant financial situations should ease as the month goes on. Energy and ambition will most likely be on the rise — just be careful of overdoing it. Business and intimate partnerships may be in a state of tension due to opposing values. Allow yourself to be unique and different, even though Libran tendencies are to fit in and get along. People will respect you for standing up for your vision and philosophical perspective. The Moon enters Libra two times this month: on the 2nd, and a New Moon on the 30th. Plant wish seeds. Pivotal days are 17-20, and 23-24.

SCORPIO: Communication, information sharing/receiving, and learning, are all themes that will most likely gain importance this month. With Jupiter entering your House of Communication, these themes will probably be quite active during Jupiter’s entire year-long sojourn in that area of your chart. This month you may be thinking a lot about the future, your goals, plans and ambitions. Wait until after the 22nd when Mercury turns Direct before finalizing plans as you may change your mind several times. Your ruling planet, Pluto is quite active, so your evolutionary transformation may be stimulated by intimate and business partnerships. Power and authority issues should resolve themselves by the end of the month. Pluto turns Stationary Direct on the 26th, after which change can be implemented. The Moon enters Scorpio on the 8th to help ground you in dealing with intimate partnerships.

SAGITTARIUS: Saturn, the planet that rules structure and limitation, residing in your sign, can tend to make you more disciplined and withdrawn. Hopefully you have gained in wisdom from the lessons that Saturn teaches. After the 10th, those themes which began last June will find closure and you can begin to focus on work and career. Where do you want to direct your energies? Where are you willing to take a lesser or subservient role in order to do what you love and want? Power and authority issues may arise in Week 4. You can be pleasant and kind and still maintain your boundaries. Parts of yourself you never saw before may surprise you. Respect yourself for being different — perfection is not a formula. The Moon enters Sagittarius on the 7th to ground you when internal changes are brought to consciousness.

CAPRICORN: Power and authority issues and career will reach a climax this month, when Saturn, your ruling planet, makes its final pass with Neptune on the 10th. It’s a month geared for taking a Leap of Faith, but it’s best not to launch any new endeavors until after the 22nd when Mercury turns Direct. Jupiter enters your House of Vision, Philosophy and Ethics. Incorporating all these subjects will help you achieve a brilliant strategy for success in your Leap into the unknown. Give your playful, happy side a chance to express itself in its own unique way. Your thinking and communication, or those of others, may seem unusual or strange, but celebrating diversity will help overcome negative thinking. The Moon enters Capricorn on the 10th, when Saturn opposes Neptune exactly. Pay attention to self-inhibitions and use your willpower to overcome them.

AQUARIUS: Internal searching may preoccupy you this month as you try to sort out the muddle which has arisen if you’ve been holding yourself back or overly-restricting yourself. Intimacy issues may come to the forefront mid-month, and it’s time to let yourself out of the box. If communication with others has been vague and confusing, it’s time to express yourself fully so that others can understand you. Great strides can be made in achieving inner emotional security by trusting the changes that Fate and Destiny may bring. The Moon enters Aquarius on the 12th. Focus on yourself.

PISCES: Release from stagnant relationships will most likely come about this month, because transformation can only occur when you or others let go of the need to keep everything constant. Accept others and yourself as you are. Nothing stays the same. You ought to be aware of your own transformation, and its best not to try to hide the “new” you from others. Your spiritual path should lead you to see that we are all interconnected, and psychically, you “know” what’s going on beneath the surface, even if you’re not being told. With Jupiter’s entrance into Libra, any hidden artistic talent may come to light. Artistic self-expression as a spiritual journey will give you a new perspective into the deepest parts of yourself.



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