By =Lorna Anne

(For students and practitioners of Astrology: I am using a new astrological system that I have originated called =Lorna’s Ancient Wheel Astrology At https://wiselorna.wordpress.com/2016/02/29/1252. If you would like to know more about this system, please consult the above link. If you would like to try this system for yourself, please follow the link http://reach.vi/aw/AWv212.zip. I use the system as a predictive tool, so at the end of each month you can see how accurate it is.)

Trends: We begin the month with a New Moon in Libra, exact on Sept 30th. It is a good time to plant thought seeds for the coming month long Lunar Cycle. Pivotal days for the unfoldment of this cycle are the 14th-18th and 20th-22nd. We are in a process and we must trust all the steps to get to the end goal. One of the themes highlighted this month are relationship issues, whether these be with other people, or any area of life in which we have a relationship bond, such as our home, our career, and even our health. Most likely we will be dealing with upheaval in order to gain more freedom and experimentation. The lesson is to become aware of our transformation and to accept a change in our life perspectives. And that is the second theme: our perception of our realities may change by month’s end, and if obscurity takes the place of surety, hang in there. Next month, the fog will clear. This leads to the third theme: Differentiating between what is real and what is not, the dream vs reality, the truth vs fraud. Does this sound familiar? These themes resurface this month as inner planets make aspects to the outer planets Saturn and Neptune, linking them in our lives once again as underlying themes. The fourth and last theme is about power, drive and ambition. There’s lots of these energies available to make things happen and it’s a good month to bring one’s vision into reality. Just be careful to double-check the accuracy of thought and action to make sure nothing has been overlooked.

Week 1 may create some anxiety over what is not known, but it will also be high energy, with ease in making long-term changes and expanding your world view. Around the 3rd, unusual thinking or communication may present unexpected opportunity. Around the 7th, be willing to let go and trust your choices. Clear away impediments that have held you back. It’s a great week to make some headway in changing what doesn’t work in you relationships.

Week 2 is ideal for internal process work. Where have we lacked clarity in some aspect of ourselves or our lives? Where are we limiting ourselves when there is much more we are capable of if we had more faith and trust? By the end of the week, we will most likely see the need to call in our willpower to overcome limitations and to choose alternative solutions. It could be a tense week if you expect everything to go according to plan, as it most likely won’t.

Week 3 is mostly concerned with use of power. If we’ve been holding back using it, this week will most likely provide a release. Cycles may conclude, new directions may begin. It is time to value expanding your life in some way and indulging in the unusual and transformative. Communication and thought processes may be more radical than usual.

Week 4 we may feel a bit disoriented after such a powerful last week, like suddenly being washed up on an unknown shore. We certainly have a lot to sort through and think about, so take a much needed break, evaluate and put things in order. Think about the benefits derived from this month’s lunar journey. It’s a week for sudden insight and spontaneous action but there may be a lack of mental clarity, so be careful. Remember: all actions have reactions!

Key Words: Perspective, Process, Power

ARIES: Thoughts concerning friendships and intimate partnerships may occupy your mind as you try to balance your vision of ideal love against the cultural norm, and the two will probably not be in accord, so accept the unusual, unorthodox version of love and trust it, no matter how different it is. Value a Leap of Faith in attaining long-range goals; however, it’s best to wait until after the 19th for taking action. Mars, your ruling planet, is in a strong position, so energy should be abundant. Week 2 will most likely reveal your transformational path quite clearly, with a Full Moon in your sign on the 16th, two days after the Moon enters Aries.

TAURUS: Both career and financial sectors are highlighted and it is possible that a raise or promotion is in order. If you’ve had difficulty in clarifying long-range goals, don’t worry, for your evolutionary direction should be made apparent this month, although you may need to appeal to others for a little help in attaining your desires. Be careful if you are buying and selling for there could be more loss than gain. Be careful of over-spending, especially from the 11th-15th. Remember, you can live your dream but you must respect the process that takes you there. End goal to all those ambitions: freedom!

GEMINI: Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to try new and innovative ways of expressing your feelings to others and establishing a connection with them. You may find that you feel more confident, playful and assertive than usual, but you also may appreciate some alone-time to process your heightened imagination and radical thinking. Finishing up a long-term writing/communication project is also most likely, if you give yourself a little push to make it happen; or maybe, you need to verbalize what you’ve been thinking about for a long time. Sudden or unusual expenditures may occur. Be careful of going too far or taking on anything you feel uncertain about, especially from the 11th-16th. Surprising news may arise from the 18th-20th when the Moon is in Gemini.

CANCER: Deep inside yourself you may see that an unexpected change of career, or imbibing new life into an old one, is in order. Unusual events may be causing tension, especially if you are uncertain what direction to take to handle them. Planetary aspects favor going with the flow; however, maintaining one’s boundaries for the sake of emotional and philosophical security would be beneficial, rather than an “anything goes” policy. You are learning to trust change and release blocks and limitations that have held back your power to make positive things happen. When you are proactive in your co-creation you feel better. The Moon enters Cancer on the 20th, to help ground you if something unexpected should unsettle you.

LEO: Goals, plans and ambitions are this month’s focus, though tension may arise when illumination gives you a vision that differs from what you had planned. Taking action is recommended for the latter half of the month. Mid-month you may find obstacles in your path, but be patient, for things will shake themselves out favorably, and you will most likely see the advantage to the unexpected turn. Take power and control to overcome blocks and limits. Realize that change needs to happen. Watch out for power plays and manipulation around the 19th. Trust your intuition and realize that you are psychically connected to all things, and that the way you think and feel about them affects them. The Moon enters Leo on the 22nd to help ground you in your use of power.

VIRGO: Work issues may come to the forefront and finding a solution to these issues is the path. Your creative nature should also get a boost and sports and recreation are highlighted. Destiny may throw sudden change in your path and it is best to try not to control or block the transformations in your mental processes. Pay attention to what the voice inside your head is saying. Learn from it and let go of negative feedback about yourself and your unworthiness! Have fun instead! The Moon enters Virgo late in the month on the 24th to help you cope with obscurity.

LIBRA: It’s your Birthday, Libra, and you may find that yourself or those dear to you need some revitalization if you’ve let things slide. The focus is on rejuvenation of outmoded, stale situations. Where do you want things to go in the future and how will you attain the vision? There may be philosophical issues that can provide you with a reason for your choices, but are you paying attention to what your feelings want to do? The choice for change must be made. Where is your process leading you? Be wary of financial dealings, especially from the 10th-15th and in Week 4. Relationships may hold some surprises, especially from the 15th-20th. The Moon is in Libra on the 1st and again on the 27th. Pivotal days: 14-17 and 19-22.

SCORPIO: Relationship conflicts that have been in progress will most likely come to a conclusion this month. It is important to honor the feelings deep inside yourself — the ideal vision. Partnerships are a catalyst for us to change ourselves to become better people. If we see the benefit of the experience, the lesson can be learned and the transformation can occur. Both sides of any equation must change and grow, or stagnation causes atrophy. Scorpios know this now more than ever. New life! New growth! Value the new and different! The Moon enters Scorpio on the 2nd and again on the 29th. Pivotal days are 2-9 and 11-14.

SAGITTARIUS: Obscurity in relationships could clear if you used a little power and authority, especially in work related matters. Being of service to others is wonderful; however, if you don’t put up boundaries or stand up for your philosophical beliefs, people will walk all over you, or just get away with things you know they shouldn’t. Exerting power will most likely bring some unconscious issues to light, dealing with fear of loss of control or of being wrong. Recreation and physical activity around the 5th is highlighted, so if you’re thinking of starting or changing a workout program, it’s a good time. Around the 11th, philosophical thinking may help you sort out your best course of action. The Moon enters Sag on the 5th, when being proactive can cause positive change.

CAPRICORN: Taking control of yourself, or of a situation that has gotten out of hand is important this month. Others may try to belittle your concerns, or that your thinking is unorthodox and eccentric. Pay attention to your intuition, especially around the 15th and 20th. Home and career are still being impacted by the Saturn (your ruling planet)/Neptune opposition; however, with Mars in your sign you’ve got plenty of energy to make the changes you’ve been thinking about. It’s all about making choices and pursuing your vision. The Moon enters Capricorn on the 7th, when you should get a clear picture of your future direction.

AQUARIUS: You may gain some insight into understanding that the higher energies of karma provide you with situations that are catalysts for change. Financial situations with others or intimacy issues may arise. Dig deep beneath the ideology and mental chatter to find what your feelings are pulling towards and that will be your best course. Self transformation can occur on any level you want if you maintain discipline and work at it. Don’t forget to allow a little spontaneity in once and awhile. Be wary of hidden power struggles, especially around the 5th, 15th,19th, 20th and 30th. The Moon enters Aquarius on the 10th to help ground you in overcoming conflict.

PISCES: Changes within the home are highlighted, though it is possible they will be unexpected. Fate and Destiny may play their hands, causing you to reach into the deepest resources of your power to keep a firm foundation beneath you since you are operating from an emotional level. Others seem juxtaposed, operating from a philosophical, practical side. Of course, resolving the paradox and satisfying both sides of the equation is what is called for. There may be upset in your work routine, especially around the 15th and 20th. In Week 4 be wary of misleading information or confused focus. Around the 11th there could be deceptive action. The Moon enters Pisces on the 12th to help you attain your ideal vision.



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