By =Lorna Anne
(For students and practitioners of Astrology: I am using a new astrological system that I have originated called =Lorna’s Ancient Wheel Astrology at If you would like to know more about this system, please consult the above link at If you would like to try this system for yourself, please follow the link: . I use the system as a predictive tool, so at the end of each month you can see how accurate it is.)

TRENDS: All the planets are very interactive, which should make for some unexpected excitement, especially with all the action to outer planets. The challenging Saturn/Pluto square from November is still with us but on the wane (See Nov Astro Forecast), and what is energetically coming into aspect this month is Jupiter in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries. This could be a wild card kind of month when the unexpected happens. Get in touch with the higher energies: look for cosmic jokes and serendipitous events! Traditionally this is a revolutionary aspect, when dissatisfaction with the status quo may cause proactive desires for radical change. This oppositional energy is very unpredictable, unorthodox and expansionary. The end result should be liberation of spirit and cooperative individualism. This means the individual and the group must learn to respect and harmonize differences. There are many ways in which this aspect could play out. Here are a few examples: 1) Travel, or blazing new mental paths and spiritual trails; 2) Huge, unorthodox Leaps of Faith; 3) Entrepreneurial ventures; 4) Sweeping change and radical action; 5) Realizing our dreams can become our reality; 6) Increasing intelligence through school or study; 7) The collective versus the individual; 8) Discontent with the status quo.
Because this is an oppositional aspect, as we deal with the above themes, applying balance and equalizing the paradox will help keep our lives in perspective. Drastic measures and extreme action may be necessary; however, be aware of exercising self-discipline and caution, especially because there are a lot of Neptunian aspects which bring forth our vision of the ideal, but how to make it happen may be obscure, especially mid-month. Mars conjuncts Neptune on Jan 1, 2017, after which action will most likely be beneficial to make our dreams reality.

Note: Mercury turns Retrograde on the 19th, so it is best to buy before then to avoid returns — especially big ticket items!

Week 1 (1-9): Seeking information and insight is recommended because a choice may need to be made to overthrow convention and the status quo, especially around the 7th. Our realities may not match up to our ideals. Through dissatisfaction, the elimination of outmoded behavioral patterns will help us to re-structure our reality. This is a good week to strategize your journey of transformation.

Week 2 (10-16): This would be a lovely week for spiritual pursuits and limiting expansionary activities. The energies are somewhat restrictive and our minds may be a bit muddled or confused in terms of thinking with logic. It is best to allow your mind to fantasize your ultimate dream! Things that require commitment may arise. Unrealistic ideals may need to be put into a realistic perspective.

Week 3 ( 17-23): If the energies seemed diffused or vague in the first half of the month, this week will most likely liven things up. It gives us opportunities for action (especially around the 18th), and to find power inside ourselves to accomplish plans that have been brewing. The dreamlike mood continues as Mars slips into Pisces on the 19th, but with the Sun entering Capricorn, it helps stabilize the energies to provide a realistic view for growth.

Week 4 (24-31): The expression “too much of a good thing” just might be appropriate for this week. Jupiter and Uranus oppose each other, exact on the 26th. You can expect a lot of unusual, extreme holiday behavior. Most likely, we will all need to make choices as to where we are going to apply self-discipline or “let it rip”. It is a week for new revelations, risk-taking and unorthodox Leaps of Faith. Uranus turns Stationary Direct on the 29th, when positive solutions may result from enlightened thinking and may help us find ways to cooperate, while maintaining our individual integrity. It is the resolution of the paradox. Combative action may occur, especially around the 27th to the end of the month.

Key Words: Radical, Expansionary, Metaphysical

ARIES: When it comes to your talents and capabilities you may be challenged to apply yourself to build firm structures within your chosen path. You may need to take your power and be the general behind your army to overcome fears of failure. It is better than giving up. You are a unique individual — value that! When Mars enters Pisces on the 19th, you may gain clarity as to the bigger picture of how to overcome blocks that have held you back. Unusual, electric partnerships may start this month. There are good opportunities for assertion and use of power to achieve your personal transformation in Week 3. Week 4 will be challenging. Don’t push agendas! Work at becoming a part of the flow. The Moon enters Aries on the 8th, to help you center yourself in making transitional choices.

TAURUS: Valuing health improvement and well-being through alternative or unusual methods may be highlighted. Curbing your appetites this holiday season will be challenging with this month’s aspects, but if you don’t, prepare to expand! Your vision of what you want your future to be should be open and fluid. Do not under-estimate achieving the desired outcomes of your evolutionary process. You must allow yourself to entertain new and unexpected avenues to pursue. You may choose to begin a course of higher study. Have faith in your intuition and “knowing”. The Moon enters Taurus on the 10th, to give you a clear vision of changes you wish to make.

GEMINI: You may be challenged in terms of how to present information clearly, which may entail limiting some information you wish to present, or making it more concrete. Clarity and communication in speaking or writing, especially when it comes to expressing your vision of the ideal, is highlighted. Information may be presented to you that challenges your vision and you may need to adapt to new ways of thinking. Most likely you will be quite busy. You should be feeling more sensitive and intuitive than usual, reading beneath the surface what may not be verbalized. A good time to confront any issues is in Week 3. The Moon enters Gemini on the 12th, providing you with clear perception and enlightened thinking to help you in making choices.

CANCER: Achievement in your career and social standing may culminate a cycle of growth for you this month, readying you for a new self-transforming cycle in the coming year. The end result of this evolutionary process is to free your spirit and pay attention to your soul’s desires, allowing others the freedom to express theirs. You may need to accept unexpected activity from others and go with the flow! Maintain boundaries of personal space and do not be overly sacrificial. Much attention will most likely be given to the home environment, making it a place of beauty and a nurturing space. The Moon enters Cancer on the 14th, to help ground you in taking action.

LEO: You may see yourself changing in ways you hadn’t expected and you may be put in a position to have to stand up for your new life perspective and accept the change within yourself. The lesson is to keep your power when dealing with needing to choose between what you want to keep in your life and what no longer helps you. It is possible that a Leap of Faith may be required in order to achieve goals and desires. It’s a good month to take a risk in a creative venture. Pay particular attention to self-improvement. Don’t be afraid to try alternative means to improve health. Take some alone time around the 15th or 19th. The Moon enters Leo on the 16th, to ready you for a dynamic weekend ahead.

VIRGO: The focus is on channeling your creative power into personal self-expression this month. Put yourself into your work and get the ego out of the way. You are growing mentally by accepting new ways of thinking. Fate has a way of throwing curve balls, yet there is always a positive lesson when having to deal with the unexpected. It makes us stronger and increases our personal power. Expanding your thinking may involve higher education or study. Work toward understanding any confusing issues you may be experiencing in your goals and ambitions. Paring down so many different avenues may be necessary. The Moon enters Virgo on the 18th, to help ground you in taking power.

LIBRA: Your spiritual vision may seem enlightened to some and wrong to others, possibly even going against social taboo. But it is providing you with a deeper faith, giving you structure to build your life upon. Any relationship issues that may have been in process should finally culminate by the end of this month with the spirit of cooperative individualism. As you are in a transformation, you may feel parts of yourself disintegrating which you once held close. This is preparation for a new cycle to begin in the coming year. Reaching deeper levels of personal self-expression and intimacy may challenge you, due to fears around using power. You are moving into an accelerated period of growth and transformation, possibly integrating into a new social position. If you fear change, have faith in the outcome. The Moon enters Libra on the 20th, to ground you in your personal path.

SCORPIO: Actualizing your potential with money and assets is highlighted, though you may come up with a more enlightened plan than you had previously thought. Your life philosophy and vision of the ideal may be challenged as business and intimate partnerships may call for sacrifices that will change your whole reason for being. Keeping your power and authority and setting limits may be necessary. Right now, your enlightened viewpoint offers opportunities for others to change and grow, if they listen; but you cannot force your agenda. Be cautious of manipulative tactics from others. Around the 7th and 9th, transformative choices may need to be made. The end of the month may be particularly challenging in relationship cooperation. The Moon enters Scorpio on the 23rd to ground you.

SAGITTARIUS: This will be an exciting birthday month for Sagittarius, as your ruling planet, Jupiter in Libra is opposing quirky, unpredictable Uranus in Aries. It calls for a pioneering spirit and doing something you’ve never done before, or possibly buying that big ticket item for which you’ve longed. Splurge! Participating in group activities may hone your communication skills as part of your personal transformation. Be cautious of playing head games to get what you want. Open communication is the key. Business and intimate relationship boundaries may be somewhat fuzzy, especially during Weeks 2 and 4. The Moon enters Sagittarius late in the month on the 25th to help ground you when the energies intensify. Expect the unexpected!

CAPRICORN: It’s a personal month for Capricorn, nurturing yourself, and learning more about who you are. Focus on self-improvement. If you are dealing with health issues, alternative cures are highlighted. Lessons around living your beliefs may come into play. You are learning to release over-control of your reality without the fear of losing your power and authority. Where do you draw the line and set boundaries; or get your insecurities out of the way and go with the flow of your creation? The decision to take a new and sudden course of action may arise around the 19th. Personal creativity and emotional self-expression are evolving to higher levels. The Moon enters Capricorn two times this month: on the 1st and 27th, when it’s a New Moon in Capricorn. Plant thought seeds for future growth. Pivotal days are 5th-7th and 23rd-27th.

AQUARIUS: You may have good intentions concerning all the things you need to do, but it may conflict with your wishes to escape it all. This is partly due to enhanced creativity and feeling more connected to unworldly pursuits. Using your abilities to help your community is fulfilling for you; however, the choice may need to be made concerning self-sacrifice or setting up self-preservation boundaries. Find the balance in honoring yourself as well as others. Learn to trust and believe iin a greater power that is giving you destined occurrences to teach you how to raise your mind above mundane thinking, expanding your vision to see that you are part of a bigger cosmic plan. Hidden or secret information may come to light. The Moon enters Aquarius two times this month: on the 2nd and again on the 30th. Pivotal days are:12th-13th and 16th-19th.

PISCES: Relationships may be challenging your core beliefs. Are you willing to change them? You are in a period of adjustment and transformation but how far are you willing to go? This may be the month when a major move or drastic change may be up for consideration. It would be a good month to plan, reserving action for after the holidays when you will feel more comfortable taking a Leap of Faith. It’s a good month for personal re-adjustment, finishing up matters that have occupied your time, and readying yourself for the coming year. Mars enters Pisces on the 19th, giving you strength, energy and willpower. Neptune, your ruling planet, is quite active this month, so at the least it will be challenging in terms of choices which must be made. Shoot for the ideal. You may improve and expand yourself in unexpected ways. Week 1 should be quite enlightening when the Moon is in Pisces from the 5th to the 7th.



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