By =Lorna Anne

(For students and practitioners of Astrology: I am using a new astrological system that I have originated called =Lorna’s Ancient Wheel Astrology At https://wiselorna.wordpress.com/2016/02/29/1252. If you would like to know more about this system, please consult the above link at WordPress.com. If you would like to try this system for yourself, please follow the link http://reach.vi/aw/AWv212.zip. I use the system as a predictive tool, so at the end of each month you can see how accurate it is.)

Trends: It will be a transformational month concerning our relationships to others and to our realities. The liberating process which began last month will continue this month in making the new and different part of the relationship structure. Setting boundaries and limitations or the need to go with the flow may once again be a choice that needs to be made due to prominent Saturn and Neptune aspects from inner planets throughout the month. The ideal is to remove the block that limits trust, but it might be a challenge for some; if the trust is not there, then the realization of the need to move on may become apparent. Either that, or the need for vast restructuring of existing situations in order to provide a sense of ethics and security. Assertion/aggression is another relationship theme: how proactive are we in preventing being a victim or being in a hostage situation? Where have we let relationships slip away by taking them for granted? Opportunities for radical change are in the air, but what changes need to be made may be unclear or uncertain. Most likely you would know what needs to be done if you trusted in the unknown and the unexpected. It will make navigating the planetary aspects much easier; for behind the backdrop of change in action is the need to believe that the ideal can become the reality. It is not unbelievable or impossible, but you must stand by your visionary choices. Oppose unnecessary sacrifices or limitations, however change may require letting go of structures that are not conducive to growth. (Note: if drive and energy are low, it will improve in Week 4 when Mars enters its own sign of Aries.) Week 3 is the most difficult when it comes to opposing limitations and lack of clarity. It is best to reserve making major changes (if not done in Weeks 1 and 2) until Week 4.

Week 1: Challenges to evolve to higher states of consciousness and find one’s emotional security within oneself rather than in others is prominent, especially when it comes to feeling safe with trusting the vision of your evolutionary process — that it will lead to positive results. Mercury turns Stationary Direct on the 8th, so avoid buying big ticket items or signing contracts until after then.

Week 2: Unexpected opportunities highlight this week as we can see that planting new seeds now will lead to positive growth in the future. It’s a fine line between being too strict and setting acceptable boundaries. If we are too strict, rebellion could ensue, from others or within ourselves!

Week 3: Aspects during this week will resolve themselves best by finding a happy medium between change and maintaining security. There is a middle ground which would improve your existence, so try to realize this course.

Week 4: This is a powerful week in which we may be pleasantly surprised to see that the new changes put in place may yield some very positive results. Remember to embrace the process and have faith in positive outcomes!

Key Words: Process, Relationships, Ideals

ARIES: It’s an active month for Aries, with the drive to overcome obstacles in your path, blaze new trails and have new experiences. Challenging choices may need to be made concerning letting go of what doesn’t work, and wanting to put into place a whole new reality — your ideal vision. Your ruling planet, Mars, will enter Aries in Week 4, so if you’re feeling indecisive, wait until then to take action and strategize during the first three weeks. Opportunities for growth are promising in Week 2 and 4. Apply yourself to achieve goals and objectives. Week 3 may be particularly difficult. The Moon enters Aries two times this month: on the 4th and 31st. Pivotal days are 4-8, 10-12, and 17-19.

TAURUS: It’s a spiritual and artistic month for Taurus. Your ruling planet, Venus, enters Pisces and you may feel like escaping into a dream world rather than coping with hard core reality. Indulge in the inclination as much as possible to avoid making yourself sick in order to take the needed break. Your transformational journey may cause you to change what you’ve tried to keep the same, and partnerships may pose oppositional views that may cause you to reassess your current perspective to decide whether it’s really what you want in the deepest part of yourself. Bold, brash action is best reserved for Week 4. The Moon enters Taurus on the 6th, to help ground you in your evolutionary process.

GEMINI: If you’re feeling low in energy or depressed, it may be because something that needs to be said isn’t. This month will help ground you in the world of thoughts; visions and dreams will give you ways to bring them into practical reality. Allow your goals the freedom to evolve and don’t get stuck in outmoded ways of doing things. Seek new perspectives and new methods. You will most likely feel quite rejuvenated if you let go of what’s holding you back, and move on, even if the concept is scary. Put new structures in place that will ensure you emotional and physical security. The Moon enter Gemini on the 8th, releasing new perspectives and insight as your ruling planet, Mercury, turns Stationary Direct.

CANCER: You may feel that you are beginning a new cycle of power, stemming from learning to value yourself — your needs and wants. You are also deepening an understanding of others, seeing where you must trust partnerships and not avoid being proactive and setting boundaries within them, even if it seems to challenge your caring nature toward others. Self effacement will not yield positive results. Fate may play its hand and cause you to shift your thinking concerning goals and plans you wanted to achieve. Accept your transformational process and see the benefit of a stronger, more independent you. The Moon enters Cancer on the 10th, to help ground you amidst the unexpected.

LEO: Improving your health or changing routines to improve your well- being is in order. If there are health issues, they may be concerned with being overly sacrificial. Do not be a sacrificial lamb when you are a lion! Rejuvenate yourself by becoming proactive and share your feelings with others. Participating in a group endeavor will give a sense of fulfillment. Do not fear failure and do not hesitate to use your power wisely to help others. If your perception of something or someone appears vague or risky, communicate your concerns and do not accept things blindly. Responsibility toward relationships is important. When you make choices, think of the effect it will have on others. The Moon enters Leo on the 12th, to help ground you in your transformational process.

VIRGO: Paying attention to communication and personal self expression are important this month. You are learning to use your creative power within the community. Personal adjustments, yielding transformational results will help you in your work performance. Come up with new and better ways to achieve your ambitions. Do not underestimate your creative abilities and don’t be afraid to take a risk in order to actualize your goals. Share your creative, personal self with others. Avoid head games! The Moon enters Virgo on the 14th to help ground you in taking power.

LIBRA: You are readying yourself for a new cycle to begin, requiring you to face the challenges of trust and faith in the unknown as well as in partnerships, deepening the bond and making choices that will have a bearing upon the direction the partnerships will take. You are in the process of expanding your scope of activities, possibly studying foreign cultures, or through travel. Wait to sign contracts until after the 8th, when Mercury turns Stationary Direct. You may be confronting formerly unconscious fears and neuroses, giving you a chance to clear the boards, so to speak, so your new cycle can evolve. The Moon enters Libra on the 17th, to help ground you in overcoming unnecessary limitations.

SCORPIO: Your transformational process will be given the benefit of some lucky breaks and enlightened thinking as you face the challenges of making far-reaching choices concerning, probably, your living situation and home environment. This may be challenging as well to partnerships with which you are involved and the role they play in your life. It could even be a choice of holding on or letting go of certain relationships themselves. It is best to wait until Week 2 to make these choices, after Mercury turns Direct on the 8th and challenges from possible conflicts in Week 1 subside. Getting the ego out of the way and focusing on the best, most beneficial solution for all is the way to go. Do not strive to be normal this month. If anything, strive to be different and allow yourself the joy of unbridled creativity within your life. The Moon enters Scorpio on the 19th, to give you strength during your transitional process.

SAGITTARIUS: Well, Sag, by now this year’s goals and ambitions should be shaping up nicely with possible foreign travel or study on the horizon. Whatever happens, have faith in the new and different, since your ruling planet, Jupiter, is still in waning aspect to liberating Uranus; so, whatever is happening in your life, it’s sure to evolve you to higher states of consciousness concerning yourself and relationships. It could be a valuable time if you pay attention and recognize any motivations stemming from unconscious fears or neuroses, overcoming their negative influence. Remember to keep in place what you value as important. Make sure you understand both sides of a disagreement before deciding which side to favor. Best case scenario, find the common ground and start there. Make choices after the 8th when Mercury turns Direct. Embrace the evolutionary process of which you are a part. The Moon enters Sagittarius on the 22nd, to help ground you in your decision making process.

CAPRICORN: You may be in a sorting out process in this your birthday month, deciding what’s important to keep in your life and what no longer works with the new image of yourself. The focus is on you and change — both within the deepest part of yourself and within your home environment. The desire, most likely, is to blend and follow, bur the key for the sure-footed sea goat, may be to maintain your individuality and honor your feelings and your emotional security. Trying to minimize and cut back may not be easy, since you may have trouble reconciling your wants and your needs. Remember, you are in a process, and the end result will be liberating. It’s a month filled with a lot of change, some intended, some not. Hold off making long-range moves until after the dust settles at the end of the month.

AQUARIUS: Most likely you may still be dazzled by life and its many surprises, as Destiny brings you a new vision and perception of your growth process. It’s about self-restoration and rebirth. The end result: the ability to use your power wisely at work and in your community. Trust your intuition and the psychic hits you get. Lately, they should be more prevalent; but be wary if they come from fear, for that is not awareness or higher states of consciousness. Fear is a challenge that must be overcome, especially in terms of your personal creative potential and emotional self-expression. Support your vision and figure out creative avenues toward achieving success. The tried and true may be blocking you from the better, the new and different. Discipline yourself to improve your health if you have been lax. The Moon enters Aquarius on the 2nd and again on the 27th. Pivotal days: 8-9, 12-16.

PISCES: Most of this month you should be feeling like taking the proverbial tiger by the tail, but others may seem to be attempting to limit your use of power. Mars will be in your sign all month, conferring stronger than usual feelings toward assertion/aggression. Yet the deepest part of yourself may fear using power. Just remember to use it wisely, not rashly. Pay attention to other’s perspectives. Try to find a harmonious balance by understanding on a deep, internal level what is really going on, and then transform situations to create the best possible reality for everyone. Remember that change starts from within, and it will affect the world around you. There is your power. The Moon enters Pisces twice this month: on the 2nd and 29th. Pivotal days: 19-26.



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