By =Lorna Anne

Trends: It is a month in which valuable insights can be made, particularly in the area of liberation of the self and breaking free from restrictive thinking. Anything is possible. It’s a month to embrace the wild side of our natures — maybe decide to follow our own unique path, go it alone. It’s the breaking up of monotony and routine that is important here. Enjoy it! It will make you feel more alive — like taking a road trip! This month is filled with possibility and creative opportunity; however, there may be a bit of mystery or uncertainty associated with the outcomes of pursuing your own path and how it will play out. A certain element of risk-taking is actually a good idea this month, though it is important to pay particular attention to what is motivating you and what are the intentions of others. As long as there is clarity in those areas, it will provide a better sense of security. We will once again be feeling the effects of the Jupiter/Uranus opposition (see December Astro Forecast). This daring and adventurous twosome is teaching us to think in new and innovative ways, to accept broad and sweeping changes and to take radical action where necessary. Ethical and moral issues are still highlighted. Seek understanding, uphold the truth. The solution to any problem is the problem itself. Remember what is most important when making decisions: the choice is best when it solves the problem, evolves the situation and everyone in it to a higher state of consciousness. Don’t hesitate to aim for your ideal vision. It’s a great month to make things happen, especially in Week 4. Bring what has been kept secret or hidden to light. Lastly, it is the eclipse season with both Solar and Lunar happening on the 26th and 10th, respectively. As to be expected, reality eclipses may happen.

Week 1 (1-7): Jupiter turns Stationary Retrograde on the 6th, so philosophical, moral and ethical issues may predominate. Valuing individual rights and independence is most important, and negotiations should go well if everyone upholds their beliefs no matter how unconventional they may be. Expansionary action and a feeling of optimism and well-being are highlighted.

Week 2 (8-14) presents opportunity through information sharing. There is a strong possibility for commitment and creating a clear form and structure in relationships during this Valentine’s week. Getting the personal ego out of the way and merging into the oneness of our reality creation is a Piscean experience we all need to learn, as Neptune is making favorable aspects to inner planets. Minimize and economize around the 13th.

Week 3 (15-21): Enjoy some rest and relaxation before powerful Week 4 begins. Focus on relationships and what you want from them. How can they be improved? Pay attention to your internal process. The mind is working overtime this week, so it’s a good time to get organized and focus on any issues that need to be resolved.

Week 4 (22-28) is powerful, with Mars very active, inciting change and sudden action. How far to go with the direction you’ve chosen may be in question, and it is best to limit excess around the 23rd. Keep the faith and trust any expansionary measures you’ve already put in place if they’re slow in starting. Any relationship issues will most likely peak this week, and future directions can be formulated.

Key Words: Individualism, Opportunity, Invention

ARIES: Week 4 may be a rambunctious one for you, Aries, filled with action and activity, especially in the partnership/relationship arena. You should get a clear picture as to what that Jupiter/Uranus opposition is doing in your life since Mars, your ruling planet, is conjuncting Uranus in Aries. Enlightened impulsive action may bring long-lasting possibilities. Trust the hand that fate may deal you. Plans may involve connecting with old friends or possibly visiting/studying a foreign culture. Your physical and mental energy should be strong. Venus enters Aries on the 3rd, so love may come knocking at your door. The Moon is in Aries two times this month: on the 1st and on the 27th. Pivotal days: 2-3, 7-8, and 13-15.

TAURUS: There’s a lot of action going on in the home environment, especially during Week 4. Before then, focus on organization, tying up loose ends and improving your health. Opportunities may arise for deepening existing relationships through more intimacy and commitment. You should be feeling quite passionate about personal independence and doing your own thing. The only way for a true relationship bond to exist is when all parties allow each other to be themselves, valuing each other for who you uniquely are and not trying to force change. At the end of the month, power and authority issues may arise. The Moon enters Taurus on the 2nd to help you appreciate yourself!

GEMINI: You should be feeling buoyantly optimistic at the beginning of the month with Mercury, your ruling planet, making favorable aspects to an intensified Jupiter Stationary Retrograde. The Moon enters Gemini on the 4th, to help ground you against excess and going too far, though expansion is called for, especially in the creative/artistic and in the relationship arenas. By now you have probably realized that life is a co-creation, and you have power and help from the Universe if you just ask for it. Philosophically, your thinking has become quite enlightened in many aspects, so when fate plays its hand, trust it! Try to see the good in everything, and especially during Weeks 2 & 3, enjoy the creative energies. Merge into oneness with the bigger picture and put your personal ego insecurities aside and let yourself be you.

CANCER: There are both Lunar and Solar Eclipses this month and Cancers are usually more strongly affected than other signs. You may be challenged to assert power and authority when you are feeling overly emotional and vulnerable. Be strong. Do not become a victim. Partnership issues and finances are highlighted. If you keep your power, your transformational process will yield a fearless self ready to face a new cycle of growth. Week 4 may be particularly intense. It is a good week for taking positive action. The Moon enters Cancer on the 7th, to help ground you in making responsible, enlightened choices.

LEO: There’s lots of opportunities for Leos in the first half of the month. New ideas for improving your home environment are highlighted. You may be finding inner power as part of your transformational process, gaining strength and confidence in yourself, enforcing your authority in social and work issues. Taking more responsibility in partnerships will build trust and a deeper commitment. Actualize your potential and achieve your ambitions. It’s a good action month to change your reality for the better. The Moon enters Leo on the 9th and there is a Lunar Eclipse in Leo on the 11th when you may have a sudden change of heart.

VIRGO: Power, authority and your social standing within the community come into play this month. Value yourself and your talents and put yourself out there. It may provide you with an opportunity to relinquish over-burdening responsibility rather than continuing to sacrifice personal, creative time. Give yourself permission to let go if you have too much on your plate. Finances may be uncertain, and if that is the case, go easy on spending until the flow improves again. You may find intimate partnerships more exciting than usual. A little bit of pro-active behavior on your part, rather than passivity, may just heat things up! The Moon enters Virgo on the 11th, to help ground you after the Lunar Eclipse on the 10th.

LIBRA: Libra will once again feel the effects of the Jupiter/Uranus opposition, strengthening as the month goes on, with Jupiter in your sign being opposed by Uranus in Aries exact on the 2nd of February. You may feel internal tension as you try to balance relationships in your life with the need to break free into new individualized directions. In Week 1, your thoughts will most likely be positive and optimistic and you may need to be careful of over-doing it or going too far too fast. Week 4 will be the most unorthodox and unexpected, when Mars (assertion/aggression) joins Uranus (rebellion/upheaval). Maybe new experimental art forms will be born. It will be most unlikely that you won’t experience quirky, unusual relationships of some sort by the end of Week 4. Opportunities to begin new enterprises are best on the 13th and 23rd. The Moon enters Libra on the 13th, to help center you in your endeavors.

SCORPIO: Creative change is in the air and the energies are lining up this month to help you shift into discovering your deep, creative potential. Most likely, you will have a challenging time expressing yourself, for though the creative impulse is strong, you may have trouble accepting the new, unorthodox, rebellious you. Unique paths and novel solutions are highlighted. View life from a creative perspective. Trust and value the unusual directions that you choose to take. If there are health issues, then be pro-active and eliminate anything from your life that is not conducive to your well-being. Remember: growth to individual selfhood occurs when change is the catalyst. The Moon enters Scorpio on the 16th to help you get in touch with the deepest part of yourself.

SAGITTARIUS: This should be a fun month when it comes to relationships of all kinds. Something special might be brewing around Valentine’s Day — possibly a much-wanted relationship commitment. You might be feeling insecure about certain relationships, but Week 4 will most likely inspire you to take a pro-active stance to do something about that vague uncertainty. Actualize the positive potential of which you dream. There is opportunity for growth by asserting your individuality and not being led by others. If the roles are reversed and you have been too overly structured and dogmatic, remove limitations and go with the flow. New insights through communication sharing will give you power. The Moon enters Sagittarius on the 18th, when inner feelings are illuminated.

CAPRICORN: Weeks 2 and 4 are particularly enterprising for Capricorn, when opportunistic aspects from the Sun and Mercury to your ruling planet, Saturn occur on the 13th and 23rd respectively. Paying attention to what you value is important to giving you well-being and will help you when making efforts at self-improvement. You may be required to choose between taking a risk or playing it safe. Take the chance and trust it. That is the lesson. Personal self-expression is highlighted and there are opportunities for increasing creative outlets, possibly making money from your creative talents if you value them and are willing to promote yourself. Travel and/or the study of foreign cultures is highlighted. Be wary of being overly assertive/ aggressive in partnerships, especially during Week 4, but certainly stand up for yourself. The Moon enters Capricorn on the 21st, providing illuminating insight.

AQUARIUS: Happy Birthday, Aquarius! It should be quite an expansionary month for you if you maintain and uphold your principles and beliefs of fairness and equity in partnerships. Relationship patterns are shifting for the better. If cycles are coming to an end, or if expanding your scope of activities has taken away from giving your relationships quality time, then adjustments must be made to keep them healthy and intact. You should be feeling quite feisty, and yes, you deserve to have your way in your birthday month, but be certain that your desires are true and are not born from fear of insecurity. Destiny may play its hand. Be positively pro-active in situations, using your power for social good. The Moon enters Aquarius on the 23rd, to help ground you during a turbulent Week 4. Good things are on the way on your special day. Don’t forget to make a birthday wish!

PISCES: Standing out, being different, following your own unique path — all these traits are difficult for Pisces, who prefers to blend, camouflage and sacrifice, not making waves or going against the norms of society. However, this month, speaking your inner truth and trusting the consequences is most important. Hidden fears and neuroses may surface, so that when you feel inner tension, look to see if you are hiding what needs to be said and get it out on the table. You’ll feel better for your honesty and overcoming unconscious blocks. Use your power for social good and do not fear failure. You are gaining practical knowledge about yourself in possibly a new environment or unusual situation. Keep your power and integrity and be willing to adjust your personal perspective. Favor open communication. Avoid head games. You are in a learning process as you find that you are transforming and finding power in the deepest part of yourself. It’s a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces on the 26th to help ground you amidst turbulent forces in Week 4.



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