By =Lorna Anne
(For students and practitioners of Astrology: I am using a new astrological system that I have originated called =Lorna’s Ancient Wheel Astrology At If you would like to know more about this system, please consult the above link at If you would like to try this system for yourself, please follow the link I use the system as a predictive tool, so at the end of each month you can see how accurate it is.

Trends: It looks like a creative, artistic and thought-provoking month in which we explore new avenues, new relationships and new sensual delights. Venus turns Stationary Retrograde on the 4th, Mars enters Taurus (a sign which Venus rules) on the 9th, so it’s a good time to assess values and priorities and figure out what is important in our lives. What once was important may no longer be, and what to do about that needs to be considered. There will most likely be difficult decisions and tasks, and social situations may be awkward or difficult, especially during Weeks 2 and 3. Making a purge in some aspect of our lives just may be the solution. Make way for the new! Jupiter in Libra, (Venus’ second sign rulership), making harmonious advances on Pluto all month, (exact on the 30th), will enhance creativity in some aspect of our lives, depending on where it is placed in your chart. Alone-time is important with a Venus Retrograde, as well as honest self-assessment. The last two weeks of the month are opportunistic concerning any changes one wishes to make to enhance and bring into our lives what we truly consider important. After the Jupiter/Uranus opposition, exact on the 2nd for the second time, our internal processes should receive a boost of enlightened clarity and understanding. Any tensions we have felt from unresolved uncertainties from last month should resolve themselves this month.

Week 1 (1-8): This week may be filled with a few surprises and unexpected situations. With both the Sun and Mercury conjuncting Neptune, it is a good week to focus on spiritual concerns and trusting in our connection to our higher selves and intuitive information that we may receive. The Sun and Mercury also conjoin on the 6th, so it is truly a week for genius, invention and enlightenment. (Please see December Astro Forecast 2016 for more information on the Jupiter/Uranus opposition).

Week 2 (9-16): The energies become quite challenging, with square aspects holding us back from taking action. Even if we want to, it would be best to wait. Maintaining things as they are and holding situations in place is recommended. It is definitely not an expansionary time. The changeable energies will make it difficult to hold the course, but determination and will power will overcome obstacles.

Week 3 (17-24): There are opportunities to finally put changes in place this week, after the 20th when Mercury aspects Jupiter and Pluto, and the Sun enters fiery Aries to give us the impetus for growth through action. Priorities have been thought out and made conscious. Now the challenge comes to take your power and make your vision a reality. Be wary of taking big leaps of faith if you are uncertain you truly want it.

Week 4 (25-31): The Jupiter/Pluto trine on the 30th confers harmonious long-term benefit by putting changes in place if they are not at this point. This planetary connection and its resulting effects will be felt strongly all next month and changes will have far-reaching results. Begin the process this week. It’s a New Moon in Aries on the 27th. Also this week, issues about being different or blending into the woodwork is a choice that may arise. Impromptu action as to the best direction to take is probably the best solution this week.

Key Words: Purge, Value, Create

ARIES: Aries is still feeling the effects from Mars opposing Uranus at the end of last month on the 26th. Impulsive or excessive action, unusual directions and upheaval are all part of that agenda as the month begins. In addition you are probably feeling quite assertive, and most likely restless, since Mars opposed Jupiter last month on the 27th, with its expansionary influence. Exploring new territories, venues, philosophies or paths will all help alleviate these restless urges. You may even favor a bit of travel, though waiting until after the 23rd is recommended. Mid-month could be somewhat restrictive and difficult. Best not to push agendas until after the 20th, when energies smooth out and frictions are reduced. It will also be a month for expanding your self-awareness. The Moon is in Aries two times this month: on the 1st and again on the 27th. This is a New Moon, so plant thought seeds for the future. Pivotal days are: 1-3,6,7,13 and 14.

TAURUS: There’s lots of action going on in the home this month, with the possibility of augmenting or beautifying your surroundings in some way. Your ruling planet, Venus is turning Stationary Retrograde on the 4th, so it could be a month of inner assessment and nurturing yourself. This is a good month to further integrate your social position in some way, improving performance and achievement. Power and authority issues may arise around the 9th, 15th and 20th. Be careful of overspending. Relationship choices may come to a head between the 11th and the 20th. The Moon enters Taurus two times this month: the 2nd and 29th. Pivotal days: 6,7,13-15, and 27.

GEMINI: Getting in touch with the deepest part of yourself through personal creativity is good means of bringing to consciousness any fears or neuroses you may have been unaware of. Creative release allows the mind to step outside of its ego boundaries and merge into the oneness of creative being. Seek rebirth, healing and self improvement. You are in a transitional stage, ending one cycle and moving into the next. Facing the unknown is always a bit scary, but keep the trust and maintain your personal power and you will get through any unexpected situations which may challenge you. The latter half of the month will feel like a breath of fresh air. If relationships have been an issue, after the 17th, you will most likely find solutions. Allow everyone the right to explore their own path. The Moon enter Gemini two times this month: the 4th and 31st. Pivotal days: 8-12, and 22-25.

CANCER: It may be difficult to get the cooperation you need from others this month, so you may want to have some backup measures in place to ensure you are on safe footing with those who may pose difficulties when it comes to promised performance. There are opportunities to bring relationships to fruition and to resolve any issues that have been pending, especially after mid-month. Acquiring possessions to help you actualize your potential and capability is highlighted. Power and authority issues may arise around the 12th and 17th. Have faith in life as a process. The Moon enters Cancer on the 6th to give you clarity. Nurture yourself and those you love.

LEO: Expanding your activities and scope of interests may be challenging in terms of being of service to others or to yourself. The choice is for your own healing and self improvement at this time. The lesson is to care for yourself as well as others. You can only do so much and it is good to let people do for themselves. It makes them stronger. Also remember that life is a process and all necessary stages must be accomplished, so don’t expect it yesterday. Actualization and achievement have been imminent all along. Keep your power and trust the end result, even if you can’t see it. Week 2 and 3 are the most challenging. By Week 4 you should realize your vision. The Moon enters Leo on the 8th, to help ground you to keep your power.

VIRGO: Integrating your social position and power and authority within the community will be this month’s challenge. Remember that communication is the key to understanding, so use it, and don’t let others be vague or unclear. You have the power to finally achieve your ambitions and there’s nothing to prevent you from beginning a new cycle of growth. Some very important decisions will most likely be coming up concerning yourself and other important people in your life. Even personal choices have an effect upon others. Use your power wisely. There are numerous opportunities for action, especially in the latter half of the month. The Moon enters Virgo on the 10th to help ground you in making choices.

LIBRA: Your vision of intimate partnerships is evolving and at this time, you need to make a lot of choices concerning them. Seek the deepest parts of yourself, find your true desires, and honor them, even if they are contrary to those of others. The lesson is to accept the ending of a cycle and the beginning of a new one which will give your life deeper meaning. Choices you make now will have far-reaching expansionary effects in the future. Do not be afraid of change within yourself. You are evolving and growing and that requires relinquishing parts of yourself that you have moved beyond. The Moon enters Libra on the 13th to help you see your unconscious fears and neuroses.

SCORPIO: Illumination is being shed in the deepest part of yourself. Your home and inner power are dealing with new reality forms and they are teaching you to adjust and transform — to be flexible. Expand your potential by working with these situations and realize that they can be incorporated into your life without unnecessary sacrifice. Personal adjustment ensures that the changes within are positive and rewarding if you trust them. Emotional self expression and personal creativity are still highlighted. This month actualize your potential and share your creative self with others. Trust the future. The Moon enters Scorpio on the 15th. Make sure you are in touch with your feelings before taking action.

SAGITTARIUS: It might not be your favorite thing to do, but putting up some boundaries in intimate partnerships is a good idea this month, especially if your usual optimistic and trusting nature isn’t feeling it. Emotional self-expression is important and saying what’s on your mind, equally so. This challenge may arise in group participation; maintain your individuality and figure out the right course of action to take in situations, whether others agree or not. Letting go of unnecessary possessions and outworn values is a good idea. It’s a month for personal adjustment and shifting transitions which might feel a bit overwhelming, but view your future as successful, eliminate worry, and the road will be much smoother. The Moon enters Sagittarius on the 19th, bringing with it illumination to light your way.

CAPRICORN: Possessions and resources are highlighted as you may need to make some adjustments in your home to give you the creature comforts you need, so spending money this month on your home or your intrinsic needs is most likely. Growth and self-transformation are part of the picture, so see the personal benefit of these acquisitions. It is also possible that your employment and/or its duties may change and you may feel that you are asked to deliver more than you can handle. Use your willpower to control the energy flow so you don’t overdo and exhaust yourself. Consider how it is best to actualize your potential. The Moon enters Capricorn on the 20th, to help you deal with challenging social situations.

AQUARIUS: Creative vision, expanding activities and broadening your scope of abstract thinking are all highlighted this month. You might find the creative flow releases after the 17th, if you’ve been feeling blocked. You are readying to make way for a new cycle of growth, one that others may see as quite unusual. Power and authority issues may arise in which you must defend your stance if you want your vision realized, when it opposes others, especially around the 8th, 15th and 20th. The Moon enters Aquarius on the 22nd, when opportunity to use your power within the community may challenge you.

PISCES: It’s your birthday month, Pisces, and it will most likely be spiritually transforming and mentally stimulating, especially Weeks 2 and 4. Others may have been moving slowly in ways that have been difficult to accept. After the 17th, solutions may present themselves. Communication sharing is ultimately important to give you the knowledge you need to help you learn to deal with your environment, and adjust and transform to shifting energies. Remember, growth comes through challenge, and it can actually be fun once you learn the rules of the game. Access power within the deepest part of yourself. Don’t let others hold you back. This month will truly feel like a celebration of re-birth.



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