By =Lorna Anne

(This is a reminder that I am using a different interpretive astrological system than what is commonly used. Once again, I say the proof is in hindsight as we review our realities at the end of the month. For an explanation of this system, please consult my blog post, “Ancient Wheel Astrology System” @ or And please read your Ascendent/Rising Sign for further information.)

Trends: From the flamboyant, fun and playful energies of Leo in the first half of the month, to the austerity of Virgo and the need to be of service to others in the latter half, this shift will teach us the rewards that come from perseverance and patience. It is a fertile month which promises growth in some aspect of our lives, as well as providing us with a few lucky breaks and breakthroughs. Travel is also highlighted. Mercury and Venus enter Virgo early in the month, so in general, the world is going to become a far more organized place in the next four weeks, due to those Virgo energies. Just be careful of over-organization, for, in addition to hard work, the following themes will most likely be operative in some aspect of our lives: 1) Excess/exaggeration: Too much is too much! Tendencies favor expansion but be careful of going too far. 2) Over-exertion: Several aspects to Jupiter are promoting the tendency to go to extremes. Even good times and recreation can lead to over-exertion and exhaustion, so be careful of over-stimulation in general. 3) Revelation: Very favorable opportunities exist to have some mind altering or visionary insights into some aspect of our lives. Pay attention to sudden inspiration, brilliant thinking, and taking action and trusting in a greater power to protect you. 4) Uncertain communication: Saturn turns Direct this month and will make another oppositional pass to Neptune at the beginning of next month. With current aspects, pay a lot of attention to what is being said and what you are hearing. Try to clear up obscurity and pay attention to detail (a positive Virgo trait). 5) Exposure: Exposure of secrets, or hidden things coming to light will reveal clarity around issues which we were uncertain as to how to handle due to inaccessible information. In other words, the proverbial cat comes out of the bag. 6) Ethical/philosophical issues and life perspectives: Lots of headway can be made in augmenting our faith, solidifying our belief systems, and honing our view of our realities. 7) Perfection: We all have a desire to achieve it, and it’s a good month to enhance our accomplishments, but accept limitations where they are apparent. Remember: perfection is a process. A dysfunctional Virgo will not accept that they are not perfect. We are all here to be students and learn something new and unique this month.

One other planetary occurrence this month may throw a curve ball into the unfolding of events. It’s a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 18th which heralds new cycles and sudden changes in patterns.

Week 1 (1-8): New and unusual forms of artistic self-expression, unusual social occasions and new food sensations are just a few examples of what to expect from this innovative week. Seek freedom from old, outmoded ways, and allow for experimentation and discovery. Our willpower may feel expansionary, since more faith means more strength to accomplish great things. It’s a New Moon in Leo on the 2nd, so plant wishes for the upcoming Lunar Cycle. Energies favor change and transformation around the 7th.

Week 2 (9-16): A lot of drive and ambition can be put out this week once Saturn turns Direct and starts to pick up speed after the 13th. Our thoughts are in an evolving process due to contending with the excitement generated from the Jupiter/Uranus sextile exact on the 12th. It is a very liberating and expansionary week, when much transformational/spiritual growth can be attained. Be careful of extremism and exaggeration on the 16th and 17th.

Week 3 (17-24): Mercury now moves into aspect with that excitable Jupiter/Uranus duo. Brilliant thinking and communication, and heightened inspiration and intuition are highlighted. Value letting go of what doesn’t work, moving onto bigger and better things. We may be preoccupied with ethical, philosophical and moral issues which will expand our vision and possibly change our life perspectives. Where does one impose structure and limitation? When does letting well enough alone work best? It’s a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 18th, in Uranian-ruled Aquarius. Expect the unexpected!

Week 4: Venus moves into aspect with that game-changing duo, so at this point, we will most likely see the value in trusting in the unorthodox, bizarre, alternative and liberating solutions. The week concludes amicably with Venus entering Libra on the 29th. Mercury turns Stationary Retrograde on the 30th, helping us to pay attention to detail and practicalities, especially in relationship issues, where motives may be unclear around the 26th.

Key Words: Excess, Organization, Revelation

ARIES: Aries’ focus this month is communication, sharing your vision with others, and paying attention to details, so that information conveyed is clearly understood. And there may be a bit of extra travel close to home. After the 13th, be wary of financial transactions with others. Set up structures and boundaries concerning expenses. Week 4 is particularly tenuous, not only because of financial uncertainty, but also in maintaining your values and making sure they are followed. Mars, your ruling planet, enters Mars on the 2nd, conferring drive and ambition to help you attain your desires. The Moon enters Aries on the 20th, when there is opportunity to say what needs to be said.

TAURUS: It will be a busy work month for Taurus, getting caught up and tying up loose ends. Goals and ambitions may seem unclear. It would be best to focus on the big picture because changing values may provide new ambitions. You also may be wondering what direction a friendship may be taking, and a bit of serious questioning may help clarify things more fully. Pay attention to improving your health or possibly starting a workout program or new diet. A good time to begin is around the 17th. The Moon enters Taurus on the 22nd, when it would be best to take time for some pleasure, rather than over-work!

GEMINI: Career, personal power and authority are issues that will most likely demand your attention this month. Delineate carefully the form and structure you wish to give to your communication in order to provide clarity when sharing information. Some people may not be telling the whole story and you may need to ferret out the truth. Your views and philosophies may change, especially when new perspectives may challenge you to think in new and innovative ways. You have power this month, so use it wisely. It’s a First Quarter Moon in Gemini on the 24th, when making the right choice may be challenging.

CANCER: Fate may play its hand this month, especially during Week 1. It may be necessary to assert your individuality and do something unexpected, new or different, especially around the 1st and 16th-19th. Future directions are a focus, however, you may feel uncertain about a Leap of Faith. Do not take unnecessary risks, but if you should find yourself in a risky situation, remain positive, for energies are beneficial. Be wary of being overly critical or controlling of situations and people, especially because you may not be seeing the whole picture. A spiritual retreat would be a lovely end to the month, particularly when the Moon enters your sign on the 26th.

LEO: It’s your birthday month, Leo, so let your love-light shine. You may need to handle tension in business and intimate partnerships. Others may try to pin you down with work or a need for conversation. You may not agree on how to get from Point A to Point B, but change needs to happen. The question is how far and how fast? Find relief from tension in physical activity or recreational enjoyment. On a higher note, you may be feeling a stronger connection to intuitive energies. Pay attention to them and don’t let mundane details get in the way and prevent you from listening. The Moon is in Leo two times this month. A New Moon on the 2nd (plant wishes for your month and year ahead) and illuminating insight when the Moon again enters Leo on the 29th. Pivotal days are around the 4th, 18th and 24th.

VIRGO: Focusing on yourself this month and your life path are definitely accentuated. It’s all about expanding possibilities, hopes and dreams. You ought to feel exhilarated by your creative potential. Your vision of yourself and your capabilities is becoming more optimistic. Remember that you can’t control everything. Be mindful that Destiny will play its hand in events, especially in the latter half of the month. Plans may involve learning about foreign cultures or traveling to foreign lands. There’s a lot of planetary action in Virgo this month, so it will most likely be busy. Relationships may have opposing views. Find the common ground. The Moon enters Virgo on the 4th, illuminating your month ahead with foresight.

LIBRA: Communicating your visionary philosophy to the world has most likely been a growing desire. Remember to not be pedantic or proselytizing. Humility is a virtuous trait. Unusual business agreements may favor your goals. A Leap of Faith will most likely be required concerning resources and money. Favor the risk and be trusting before you jump. Make sure all details are worked out as much as possible, in order to carry through and create the form of the reality you want. Artistic inspiration may yield long-term results on the 1st. The Moon enters Libra on the 6th to help ground you in the unexpected.

SCORPIO: Future goals, plans and ambitions should be mulling around in your mind this month. Living the quality of life you want and believe in will most likely be important. With Mars entering your Midheaven, you may feel an increase in your power, authority and career recognition. This Mars aspect may open doors to an unfolding future filled with positive self-transformation, especially opportunities offered around the 7th, 10th and 17th. You may think it best to keep your private agenda hidden, but actually, being open and speaking your truth is favored any
time after the 13th. The Moon enters Scorpio on the 9th, when ideas for making major changes may occupy you.

SAGITTARIUS: If you’ve been thinking about changing careers or launching a new business, the time is ripe after the 17th this month. Novel solutions and expansionary thinking are in order. Jupiter, your ruling planet, is very active, so Sagittarians will most likely feel the impact of themes mentioned in Trends more strongly than some other signs. Money, resources, and things you personally value are all highlighted. You may be feeling more conservative rather than generous. Believe you can bring your ideal vision into reality without over-spending, yet able to come up with ways that your goals can be achieved. Relationships may seem undefined and obscure, so use your power and authority to be a game changer within them. Intimacy issues may be brought to consciousness. The Moon enters Sagittarius on the 11th. A good time to finalize a plan of action.

CAPRICORN: It’s time to assess your creative potential and define where you want to direct it. Goals need to be finalized by the 17th, so you can start to put plans into action during Week 3. Express yourself in your own unique way, and don’t try to be a conformist. Your evolutionary process is to give yourself permission to speak out, do what you want, and not be afraid of others reactions. Decisions concerning home and career may seem uncertain in the first half of the month, but those issues should resolve themselves by month’s end. Saturn, your ruling planet, turns Stationary Direct on the 13th, when you can begin to bring the ideal into reality. The Moon enters Capricorn on the 14th, when illuminating insight will aid you.

AQUARIUS: It’s a good month to speak your piece and say what’s on your mind. You might be feeling more like a renegade that usual; however, you might want to tone down the verbal aggression so that you make yourself clearly understood. Be wary of confused communication and information. There are opportunities to bring something new and different into your home, and doing work on or from your home is highlighted. Finances and resources may be uncertain, so avoid big expenditures until you see where you stand. Overall, you should be feeling quite optimistic and buoyant within yourself Pivotal days are around the 1st, 16th, 19th, and 26th. There’s a Lunar Eclipse in your sign on the 18th, when patterns shift and cycles change.

PISCES: Letting your guard down and opening up to others may bring you relief from tension over what is not being expressed. Do not fear giving away too much. Others may fall short of your expectations; communicating from the heart is always the best solution, even if others criticize you for being impractical or unrealistic. This month you may see life change in deep and fundamental ways which should bring new insight to you concerning what you value and consider most important. Make sure others see your viewpoints clearly. The Lunar Eclipse on the 18th may shift relationship patterns in the latter half of the month. The Moon enters Pisces on the 18th to help ground you.