“Feeling Like It’s Destiny”

By =Lorna Anne

This article is not advocating believing in Destiny, other than as an experiment. Try on this perspective just for a day to see how it feels – like trying on a piece of clothing – and see if it doesn’t stimulate new feelings toward yourself and reality, giving a sense of well-being that reminds us as to how life should be. So, adopt a new mind frame, view a different picture of reality in it, and see how it feels!

The definition of Destiny, according to Webster’s College Dictionary, is “The pre-determined and inevitable course of events.”

Trying on the perspective of Destiny will change our view of reality and ourselves, giving us a glimmer of life without pressure. For instance, we no longer need to take the responsibility to “make things happen”. If events are destined to happen, then there is no internal pressure: fear of failure or feelings of inadequacy. Whether it happens or not is out of our hands.

We can no longer judge others’ lives as bad or wrong because they are part of Destiny as well. In fact, there are no mistakes because even these are destined. No one can “screw anything up” because it was destined to be what it is.

There can be no negative judgments or feelings against reality itself – to say it’s going badly or the wrong way, because it is what it is supposed to be. Everything is going the right way! The Destiny view promotes tolerance, faith and trust in what’s being given to us. We are more likely to take chances, to act freer, because we don’t feel the need to control or manipulate our world in order to get what we want.

In fact, it creates a Zen state of detachment from our wants; why bother wanting something if it isn’t the Destiny? It opens us up to expectation of unknown divine gifts coming from a power that is always there, always giving us what we need.

It is liberating and comforting. So, can we blend two opposing philosophies? Can we have free will and still maintain this new-found sense of innocence and trust? Try it! It’s the latest fashion!



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